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Do you want to have an extra piece of storage furniture for your child's bedroom? Opt for our range of wardrobes you will undoubtedly be making the choice of durability and sturdiness!

ABC Meubles offers you children's wardrobes that you can customise as you wish when you place your order. The design of our furniture is sober and uncluttered, which is why it easily takes its place in your child's room whatever its size and decoration style.

The children's wardrobes that we make in our workshop represent an ideal solution for storing the things of babies or older children. Their beautiful storage volumes as well as the modular shelves will help you optimise the organisation of clothes, but also bed linen.

The children's wardrobes ABC meubles are made in France, they are made of high quality and ecological MDF panels. This furniture has also been specifically developed to respect the health of the youngest children.

Why choose an ecological medium wardrobe?

Choosing a children's wardrobe from ABC Meubles means adopting a range of furniture that is ecological, authentic, resistant and durable.

Our wardrobes offer you significant space savings in your child's room: taking up little floor space, it allows you to store all your baby's belongings thanks to its spacious storage volumes. You will be able to hang clothes on a hanging bar, fold the layette to put it on a removable shelf and store, for example, some blankets in the drawer.

You should also know that our children's wardrobes are made without the use of substances that are harmful to the health of babies. This storage furniture is indeed treated with a water-based varnish that does not pollute the atmosphere of the room in which it is placed. Also, do not hesitate to accompany your wardrobe with a baby bed and a changing chest from the same range: your child will thus sleep in a totally healthy atmosphere.

How to choose the finishes of your ecological medium wardrobe?

All our children's wardrobes can be personalised as much as you like! When you place your order on our website, you can select 19 different colours from our range of finishes: from orange to green, via pink and black, you are free to choose your favourite shade. It's up to you to let your imagination run wild!

To prepare your finishes, we use water-based varnishes without VOCs (volatile organic compounds): you can therefore customise your MDF wardrobe without taking any health risks for you and your children.

Don't hesitate any longer and select your favourite customisation to add a touch of modernity and pizzazz to your child's room!
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