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Do you want to acquire a bed of the best quality for your child? Abc-Meubles offers you a very nice range of top-of-the-range children's beds, made of solid wood, so that your child's bedroom is at the height of what you want for him: the best!"

Our catalogue is composed of a wide range of children's beds made of solid wood made in France: just like you, we have at heart to design and manufacture our products on our territory. No less than 90% of our products are produced in France.

There is no doubt that you will find the model of children's bed that will take pride of place in your child's bedroom with class and standing. Abc-Meubles offers you a wide range of models of children's bed, in 1 or 2 places, so that each parent - and each child - can find his happiness!

Our children's beds will be able to resist even the most energetic children and to go through time without any trouble thanks to their sturdiness and their durability.

Why choose a solid wood children's bed?

At Abc-Meubles, we offer you the best in terms of solid wood children's beds.

Quality beds, sturdy and resistant to the assaults of even the most intrepid little ones! Our solid wood children's beds are a guarantee of a bed that will stand the test of time and accompany your child throughout their growth and even afterwards!

Our children's beds, designed in the best quality wood there is, namely solid wood, stand the test of time without batting an eyelid and always displaying the same beauty and elegance in the room. Solid wood adds a warm and cosy touch to the charm of its timeless appearance.

Solid wood blends in with all decorations, from the most classic to the most daring, for a resolutely chic and high-class atmosphere. Let your imagination guide you and come and discover our solid wood children's bed models: from bench beds to beds with a bed drawer or storage drawer, not forgetting the "football" beds that will delight budding footballers or the evolving beds that will accompany your child for many years to come, we have the solid wood children's bed model of your dreams!

How to choose the finishes of your solid wood children's bed?

The children's beds we offer at Abc-Meubles can be entirely personalised, according to your tastes, your needs and your desires.

You are unique, so is your child: his bed should be just as unique. Our children's beds are made in our workshops in Basse-Normandie, France. Several bed sizes are available, as well as an astonishing palette of 22 colours where everyone can find something to suit them!

Please note that the varnishes we use are water-based and therefore not dangerous for small children or pets. You are free to choose this crib with or without a headboard and with or without storage drawers or an extra bed. Don't forget to think about the little friend/cousin/neighbour who comes to sleep from time to time!
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