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Office space is becoming increasingly important in our living spaces. This is why it is important to choose furniture adapted to your desires and your space constraints.

Solid wood furniture ABC Meubles is a durable, robust and ecological furniture that you can keep for many years.

To create our wooden desks, we use solid pine that we take from controlled management forests located in the Landes. In this way, we use a sustainably managed resource and therefore value local production which reduces our carbon footprint. By choosing a solid pine desk, you are opting for furniture that highlights French know-how.

Why choose a wooden desk?

ABC Meubles wooden desks are designed to adapt to all types of interiors. Solid pine is a pure and sober wood species that you can indeed easily match with your decoration.

Depending on your needs and space constraints, select from our collection of wooden desks, a model that will fit perfectly in your workroom. Whichever model you choose, you will enjoy a practical and sturdy desk that you will take pleasure in working on.

If you need storage space to organise your files and store your accessories, opt for one of our models with drawers. These solid pine desks are aesthetically pleasing, take up little space and give you the opportunity to enjoy beautiful storage space. It's the perfect compromise if you need a real workspace at home.

Easy to arrange, the wooden desks ABC Meubles can equally well take place in a bedroom, hallway or living room. Particularly robust, our desk models will accompany you for many years. Their dimensions are also ideal for children who need a work space to do their homework.

How to customise your wooden desk?

To ensure that your desk matches your personality and the decorative style of your interior in every way, we have made a point of offering you wooden desks that come in a variety of finishes.

Also, when you choose our wooden desks with drawers models, you have the option of selecting a finish colour from a wide range. You can even choose a two-tone finish for an even more fashionable look.

To personalise your wooden desk ABC Meubles, consider matching the colours from our colour chart to the dominant shades of your interior. If your workroom does not yet have a particular shade, feel free to choose the colour of your desk according to your desires and personality.

Our drawer desks come in blue, pink, white, red, lilac, grey, black, burgundy, wood, honey, etc. It's up to you to choose what you want! If you want to keep the purity of solid wood, don't hesitate to select a two-tone finish!

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