Wooden chest of drawers & bedside tables

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What could be more ideal to embellish a bedroom than a solid wood chest of drawers or bedside cabinets? The furniture we offer at Abc-Meubles is entirely made in France, it will perfectly fit in all interior styles and all decoration profiles. Whether you are classic with a taste for authenticity or more trendy and adept of more daring colours, you will find in our catalogue the pieces that will perfect the layout of your bedroom.

Our solid wood chests of drawers and bedside tables harmonize in all elegance with the beds and other furniture of our range, so that your interior is warm and welcoming. In addition to their sophisticated and accomplished design, these pieces of furniture will provide you with optimal storage solutions. No more wasted space and your bedroom is arranged with taste and functional as desired!

Choosing Abc-Meubles to complete the furniture of your night space, is saying yes to a French company, concerned about the environment and whose 90% of products are manufactured on French soil!

Why choose a solid wood chest of drawers?

Solid wood comes directly from our Landes forests, so the furniture we make is solid wood, it is not veneer. It is precisely this structure without assembly that gives solid wood its exceptional resistance.

The solid wood furniture that we offer at Abc-Meubles are very aesthetic. They will find their place in any interior and in all decorations. The density of the wood gives our furniture a resistance and a long life. This is why it is not uncommon to see solid wood furniture being passed down from generation to generation!

Browse our catalogue to discover our solid wood chests of drawers and bedside tables, you will certainly find the elements that will enhance your interior.

Choosing a solid wood chest of drawers is also making an eco-responsible choice: at Abc-Meubles, the wood used comes exclusively from forests whose management is controlled by continuous monitoring programmes of wood resources located in the Landes region of France.

How to choose the finishes of your solid wood chest of drawers?

Naturally, we invite you to choose your solid wood furniture according to your needs and the floor space you have available. Don't hesitate to optimize the spaces. The higher the furniture, the greater its storage capacity. This tip is particularly useful in small rooms. Our solid wood storage units are beautiful, reliable and functional: no more wasted space for space optimization.

We offer you several models, designs and sizes for these decorative and useful units. The colours available are just as numerous and varied and are the result of ecological, water-based varnishes, the only ones we use in our workshop in Basse-Normandie where our furniture is designed and manufactured.

These varnishes are environmentally friendly and do not represent any danger for young children or pets. Consuming French means limiting the environmental impact of transporting goods and encouraging short circuits. Nobody today can remain insensitive to ecology, which is why at Abc-Meubles, respect for the environment is at the heart of our quality commitments.
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