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The ABC Meubles bedding range naturally includes a wide selection of mattresses adapted to the solid wood beds we offer.

We want to accompany you for soft and soothing nights, that's why we provide you with a panel of quality mattresses. You will find single and double mattresses in different compositions: foam, latex or futon.

Like our solid wood furniture, the mattresses in our sleeping range are environmentally friendly and made of natural materials from sustainably managed production. The strong points? All our mattresses are guaranteed to be free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and harmful products, and are hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial and anti-dust mite. So you'll enjoy mattresses that are good for your health and that of the planet.

Why choose an ABC Meubles mattress?

ABC Meubles offers a wide collection of eco-friendly mattresses to meet all your needs. You will find single or double mattresses, evolving mattresses as well as baby bed mattresses. You can even choose a futon mattress designed with Japanese technology to ensure optimal sleeping comfort.

Futon, foam, latex: it's up to you to choose the type of mattress that best suits your needs.

All our mattresses are designed to maintain an ideal body temperature throughout the night. They are composed of a latex mat which ensures an independence of bedding and an optimal ventilation.

Comfort is an essential criterion to choose your mattress. This is why we offer a variety of beddings whose material will necessarily adapt to your needs. For example, the Gabriel Mattress has a latex core and a cotton filling. Its elasticity has been designed to ensure a soft welcome, but firm enough to support your back optimally. The Montana mattress features 3 differentiated support zones and permanent Modul'Air ventilation, so you can be sure of a comfortable and healthy night's sleep.

To adapt to all of your needs, we have also made a point of offering evolving mattresses. Divided into three different parts, this type of mattress evolves progressively to accompany your child's growth.

Even the smallest children will enjoy the comfort of our sleeping arrangements thanks to our Babymouss mattress!

Opt for an eco-friendly mattress

Just like our solid wood furniture, all the mattresses we have selected for you are respectful of the planet and your health. You will therefore find in our collection, mattresses designed from natural and ecological materials.

In order to offer you sustainable products, we work with companies that share the same values to produce quality mattresses, local and with low ecological impact.

For example, the latex in our Gabriel mattress is harvested in Guatemala from a sustainably managed forest, it is then vulcanised in a Belgian company that is euroLatex certified "100% Natural Latex".

For impeccable softness and comfort, our mattresses are also covered with 100% cotton fabric.
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