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ABC Meubles invites you to discover its range of solid wood Cube furniture. The storage cubes we offer in different formats can be arranged and modulated to compose for example a library staircase, a bed, a bench or even to separate a room in a harmonious way. Our cube range is modular to the max!

All the furniture collections we offer on our online shop are made from wood species harvested from controlled forests. ABC Meubles thus promotes environmentally friendly production that highlights French know-how.

Discover our Cube range quickly to create an interior that reflects your image.

Why choose wooden storage cubes?

The wooden storage cubes in our Cube collection are ideal for furnishing your rooms and storing all your personal belongings. Available in sizes ranging from 25x50cm to 100x50, the solid wood cubes can be modulated together to create storage furniture that will meet your constraints and needs in every way. You will even find cubes with drawers in order to easily store the objects you need on a daily basis.

Thus you can create functional furniture such as a bookcase staircase, a bench bed, a bed or even a room divider. It is up to you to compose your furniture according to your space constraints, your desires and your storage needs.

The storage cubes we offer are also available in a wide range of finishes. To personalise your cubes, you should know that we use water-based varnishes that are not harmful to your family's health.

How to choose the finishes of your wooden storage cubes?

Once you have chosen your wooden storage cubes, you will have access to a wide range of colours to compose a set that corresponds in every way to your desires and your personality. You will even be free to mix colours to create an original piece of furniture in perfect harmony with your interior decoration.

To choose your finishes, simply click on our drop-down menu and select a colour from our colour chart. Blue, yellow, green, orange, purple, black, grey or even aluminium grey, natural varnish, honey or even raw. You can then choose one, two, three or even five to six cubes of different sizes and select a colour for each of them. Mix the natural and modern look of raw pine with the warmth of a pink, red or purple varnish. Opt for a modern yet warm ensemble by mixing wood and blue for your living room. In the children's room, create an original piece of furniture intermingling multicoloured cubes, so you can sort everyone's games by colour!
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