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Retrouvez toutes nos belles histoires et actualités sur notre blog ABC Meubles ! Nous vous réservons ce petit coin de partage pour vous évader, à la découverte du vaste monde du mobilier et de la décoration d’intérieur. Si vous êtes à la recherche d’inspiration, d’idées et de conseils en tout genre, nous avons pour vous les rubriques idéales ! Un concentré d’inspiration et de passion avec des rubriques, des photos clients, et vidéos.

  • How to choose a space-saving bed?

    In a world where space is becoming increasingly scarce, optimizing every square meter is becoming essential. Whether you live in a small apartment or simply want to maximize the space in your bedroom, a space-saving bed could be the perfect solution. Find out how to choose the ideal model from the many options available and transform your home into a functional and stylish space. Follow our guide to make the best choice and enjoy every inch of your home.

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  • 5 steps to choosing a mattress

    Choosing the right mattress is crucial for quality sleep and good health. This article guides you through the essential steps to making the best choice for your needs and preferences. You'll learn how to identify your specific needs, understand the different types of mattress, consider the appropriate firmness, and assess value for money. It also discusses the importance of the EN 1334 standard for mattress dimensions. By following this advice, you'll be able to select a mattress that will...

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  • How to choose a trundle bed in 4 easy steps?

    Are you planning to fit out your bedroom with a trundle bed and don't know which model to choose? Don't panic, we've put together a quick 4-step buying guide to help you choose the space-saving bed that best suits your needs.

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  • Our customer are talented

    Our customers are true artists! In our previous article, we explored the versatility of our cube staircases, and today we're highlighting the creative solutions of our customers who want to add a handrail. Whether they're making a traditional wooden handrail or a modern option using climbing rope, or buying a ready-made handrail, their DIY spirit is a source of inspiration. At ABC Meubles, we're proud to support them in this artistic adventure.

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  • The ABC Meubles cube staircase: practical, ecological and modular

    Discover or rediscover the ABC Meubles storage cube staircase: practical, attractive and environmentally friendly. Made in France from certified solid pine, the modular cubes provide plenty of storage space. Its environmentally-friendly manufacture and modularity mean it can be adapted to suit any space. Unleash your creativity with ABC Meubles!

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  • Behind the scenes of the making of a mezzanine bed at ABC Meubles

    Take a behind-the-scenes look at the making of a Sylvia mezzanine bed at ABC Meubles! For over 30 years, our company has been putting its expertise at the service of its customers by offering quality Made in France furniture. Immerse yourself in the fascinating stages that transform raw materials into a unique and elegant piece: from the meticulous sanding of the boards to the packaging and finishing touches.

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  • An eco-friendly Christmas with ABC Meubles

    As the festive season approaches, the idea of celebrating a more environmentally-friendly Christmas is gaining in importance. At ABC Meubles, our commitment to the environment has led us to share concrete ways of transforming our Christmas traditions into sustainable acts. From sustainable gifts to the art of Furoshiki, not forgetting eco-responsible meals, let's zoom in on these practices that will make your Christmas a magical moment, imbued with an eco-responsible conscience!

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  • ABC Meubles, an unwavering commitment to the environment

    For more than 16 years, at ABC meubles, our ecological commitment has been reflected in concrete actions, from the origin of our raw materials to the modernisation of our equipment, with the aim of preserving the environment and the well-being of our employees and customers.

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