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Retrouvez toutes nos belles histoires et actualités sur notre blog ABC Meubles ! Nous vous réservons ce petit coin de partage pour vous évader, à la découverte du vaste monde du mobilier et de la décoration d’intérieur. Si vous êtes à la recherche d’inspiration, d’idées et de conseils en tout genre, nous avons pour vous les rubriques idéales ! Un concentré d’inspiration et de passion avec des rubriques, des photos clients, et vidéos.

  • The wooden console for a discreet and functional entrance

    The wooden console is a piece of furniture that is both aesthetic and functional, installed in a hallway it creates an organised space that you can decorate as you wish. Some models of wooden consoles are even equipped with drawers that will allow you to store the small objects you need when you go out. Focus on this easy to arrange piece of furniture to create a discreet and functional entrance.  

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  • Top 5 wooden storage units

    Every living space needs storage furniture to organise personal belongings, everyday objects and various accessories. There is a wide variety of storage units available to help you design your house or flat. Design, manufacturing method, materials: you will find all styles of storage units on the market.

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  • Wooden furniture for a clean look!

    A natural and durable material, wood is making a strong comeback in our contemporary interiors to give them a refined and cosy style. But please note that we are not talking about the bulky wooden furniture of our grandparents! Wooden furniture is now a functional, refined and modern piece of furniture that goes with all styles of decoration.

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  • What type of furniture for a Scandinavian bedroom ?

    Scandinavian style is becoming increasingly popular throughout Europe for its ability to warm up the atmosphere and bring a contemporary touch to interiors. From the living room to the bedroom, from the office to the hallway, all rooms in the house can be furnished in the spirit of the North! Discover in this article, the keys to Scandinavian style to create a Nordic spirit in your home in which you will feel good.

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  • 4 ideas for an original and trendy headboard

    The choice of headboard is one of the most important elements in the decoration of a bedroom. It is often this touch of originality that will define the atmosphere of the room and finalise its decoration. Headboards in wood, canvas, rattan, wicker, paint, wallpaper, DIY, square, round, minimalist, geometric, modern ... an almost inexhaustible choice. If you are looking for inspiration and ideas for your future headboard, you are in the right place. We will present you our selection of...

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  • The advantages of solid pine furniture

    At ABC Meubles, we have chosen to mainly promote solid pine. And for good reason, 95% of the products manufactured in our workshop are in maritime pine from the Landes. A wood that we love both for its environmental advantages and for its quality! We are going to share with you in this article all our knowledge and our years of experience working with this species of wood. After that, the solid pine will have no secrets for you.

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  • Ecological alternatives to the traditional Christmas tree

    6.9 million ... Do you know what this number corresponds to? It is the number of trees (natural and artificial) sold in France for last year's Christmas celebrations (according to the Kantar study). The presence of the Christmas tree is essential as the festive season approaches. When choosing a Christmas tree, you have probably already wondered where it comes from, its impact on the environment and possible eco-responsible alternatives? Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

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  • 4 depolluting plants for your home

    If, like us, you like to follow eco-decoration trends on social networks, blog articles and magazines, you have already heard of plant decoration. A concept aimed at making room for green plants, whether they are living or fake, in our interiors.

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