Wooden Chest Bed

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Explore our range and discover how our trunk beds can transform your bedroom into an organised and comfortable space.

Whether you're looking for a solution for a small children's bedroom or a student studio, our trunk beds are the perfect answer to your space-saving needs. Their minimalist, uncluttered design blends harmoniously with all styles of decoration, adding a modern touch to your bedroom.

Don't sacrifice aesthetics for organisation, opt for a chest bed that combines both.

What is a chest bed and how does it work?

Designed to maximise the use of space, the chest bed offers a practical and discreet storage solution, avoiding cluttering up the bedroom with bulky wardrobes or chests of drawers. The storage compartment of the chest bed, usually accessible via a lifting mechanism, can be used to store a variety of items such as blankets, pillows, sheets or even seasonal clothes, depending on each person's needs.

Why choose a wooden chest bed?

The wooden chest bed is much more than just a piece of storage furniture: it's a clever solution for optimising the space in your bedroom while adding a touch of natural charm to your interior design.

With its ease of use, durability and timeless aesthetic, the wooden chest bed is the obvious choice for people looking for comfort and practicality. At ABC Meubles, we offer a range of wooden chest beds, made with passion and expertise in our workshops in France.

Why choose an ABC Meubles chest bed?

At ABC Meubles, we have designed our box beds with particular attention to sturdiness. Each box bed is equipped with a solid central panel that holds the base in place in the middle of the frame. This reinforcement ensures optimum stability and prevents any deformation of the chest bed, providing a durable and comfortable bed for many nights to come.

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