Respect for the environment

Design furniture yes, but designing them ecologically is even better!

Aware of the ecological problems of our time, the company has been working since 2007 on an environmental approach to its products. For you and your children, we design healthy products for your health and the planet with solvent-free water-based varnishes, solid wood or the use of green new generation panels. Thus we limit the emissions of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) to the maximum! To consume responsibly, is to reduce its ecological impact, it also passes in the purchase of your furniture! To satisfy you, we offer a complete range of products and we remain at your disposal to make them evolve.

How much ecological are ABC MEUBLES products ?


"Quality and innovation are our daily goals. »
The pine used for the majority of our products comes from the Landes in France (managed forest) which is managed sustainably. It is recognized for its programs of continuous monitoring of the wood resource. Having a solid wood furniture at home warms your interior and gives character to the room! Opt for a solid wood furniture, made in France and ecological!

Varnish and VOC emission

For the well-being of the whole family, and even the youngest ones, ABC Meubles favors the use of solvent-free water-based varnishes, thus limiting VOC emissions. We use the technique of assembly of the "finger-joint" allowing to reduce to the maximum the use of glue in the design of our furniture. For the glue, we use glue E1 (maximum emission equal to 1mg / m3) used in the manufacture of furniture for baby, child and adult.

Made in France: Give priority to the local!

The raw material and components of our products come from France, helping to reduce the carbon impact. Wood is a noble and elegant material, appreciated for its ecological properties. Wood is trendy and timeless, think about it!

Less packaging, less waste

Abc Furniture is trying to minimize packaging to reduce waste. Also, we use an outside company to manage the waste associated with production. Everything is recovered and everything is transformed! In fact, the wood falls are reduced in the form of briquettes that can be used to heat.

Engagement écologique