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ABC Meubles offers a range of solid wood stools that are both comfortable and sturdy. To make our collection of wooden stools, we use solid pine that comes from sustainable forests located in France, in the Landes region. You can be sure to enjoy quality seating with a clean, timeless design.

By sourcing our wood from French eco-managed forests, we value local production and help reduce our carbon footprint. By choosing solid wood stools on our website, you are opting for durable and solid furniture that you will never tire of.

To take care of the planet and your health, we also insist on using solvent-free varnishes. Also, our solid wood stools are finished with water-based solvent.

Why choose a solid wood stool?

ABC Meubles solid wood stools will appeal to adults and children alike. You will be able to use them as well to work as to relax since our stools can be placed in an office, a kitchen or even in a bedroom or a bathroom.

To satisfy all your decoration desires we have imagined several models of solid wood stools: screwed, folding, straight or vintage, it's up to you to choose! The adjustable stools are perfect for adapting your working posture to the height of your desk, you can also use them around a bar for entertaining your family or friends.

Our solid wood seats are also functional, so our folding stool can easily be unfolded and folded thanks to its handle. You can then store it against a wall until the next use. Easily transportable, this model can be moved from one room to another as needed.

ABC Meubles stools are sleek and simple, so they fit any interior style. You will never tire of their timeless design!

How to choose the finishes of your solid wood stool?

To ensure that your stool perfectly matches the decor of your home, we offer you the opportunity to customise your solid wood furniture as you wish. Our entire collection of stools is available in a multitude of colours. You will be able to match your seats to the colours of your room.

Blue, green, red, grey, pink, bordeaux, black, yellow, lilac, etc. It is up to you to choose the colour of your stool according to your desires and the decoration of your interior!

For an industrial style, opt for black or grey for example. For a cosier and softer space, opt for a light blue or a pale pink. However, if you prefer more dynamic and sparkling colours, choose green, red or yellow. Don't hesitate to mix colours when you choose several wooden stools!

You can also choose to leave your stool unfinished in order to personalise your seating to your liking.
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