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ABC Meubles has imagined for you a range of wooden furniture specially dedicated to bedroom design. From the double bed to the bedside table, the chest of drawers, the desk and even the bench, you will find authentic and robust furniture in our Cube collection.

The wooden furniture we make is made from wood from sustainably managed forests. We therefore control the resources we use and also favour local production that promotes French know-how. Thus, by choosing a piece of furniture from our Chambre Cube range, you are opting for environmentally friendly furniture.

Discover a range of wooden furniture entirely dedicated to furnishing your bedroom.

Why choose wooden furniture from our Chambre Cube range?

The furniture in the Chambre Cube range has been designed to give you the opportunity to organise your space in a totally functional way. Double bed, bedside table, chest of drawers, desk and bench: all the models have enough drawers and space for you to organise all your personal belongings. We have come up with a compact, modern and robust design, so you will enjoy your bedroom furniture for many years without ever getting tired of it.

You can of course combine the furniture in this range with each other and opt for a complete Chambre Cube!!

The furniture in the Chambre Cube range is made in our workshop in Basse Normandie. All are made from solid pine from forests located in the Landes. By choosing your bedroom furniture from this range, you are therefore opting for furniture that is both ecological and sustainable.

ABC Meubles is also keen to ensure that the furniture in our ranges is good for your family's well-being. Therefore we only use water-based varnishes without solvents and favour the finger joint technique to reduce the use of glue.

How to choose the finishes of the Chambre Cube range of furniture?

The Chambre Cube range of furniture is made from raw pine that you can personalise as much as you like! When you place your order on our online shop, you will be free to choose from a wide range of colours.

Bed, chest of drawers, bedside table, bench and desk: all the furniture in the Cube range can be personalised. You can thus choose a single colour for all your furniture or even several colours to combine between your bed or your chest of drawers for example.

In our colour chart of finishes, you will find a large number of shades to choose from depending on the style you wish to give your Cube bedroom. In our colour chart, you will find a large number of colours to choose from, depending on the style you wish to give to your Cube Room: full pink for a child's room, grey and natural varnish for a teenager's room or blue and natural varnish for a contemporary and warm room. Thanks to these finishes, you will finally be able to create a room that matches your decorating desires and your personality!

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