Wooden Mezzanine Bed

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Our range of solid wood mezzanine beds is a great classic of sleeping.

Made in our workshops in France, our bedding is both robust and environmentally friendly. All the mezzanine beds we offer use raw materials of French origin and ecological solid wood varnished with water.

Mezzanine beds are space-saving sleeping arrangements, perfect for small children's rooms or student studios.

At ABC Meubles, we optimise our sleeping solutions even further as we offer mezzanine beds that you can easily modulate according to your needs and constraints.

Why choose a solid wood loft bed?

Solid wood loft beds offer your sleeping space a significant space saving in a small bedroom. It is therefore an ideal solution if you are looking to furnish a student studio, a living room or a child's bedroom.

A mezzanine bed gives many possibilities in terms of storage and space optimization. ABC Meubles encourages you to give free rein to your creativity by choosing the way you want to arrange the lower part of the bed. Office, living room or library: it's up to you to choose the option you prefer. Don't hesitate to browse our catalogue of complementary furniture to perfect the layout of your space by adding a bedside table, a desk-table or a wall shelf.

So that you can organise all your belongings, we also offer access stairs that include storage cubes.

ABC Meubles solid wood mezzanine beds are robust and made from maritime pine from a controlled Landes forest. Pine is a low-density wood that withstands handling, assembly and disassembly very well. The colour of this species allows you to match your loft bed with all styles of decoration: rustic, Scandinavian, natural or traditional.

How to customise your solid wood loft bed?

The ABC Meubles solid wood loft bed ranges can all be customised according to your desires. Available in 1 or 2 places, our beds can indeed be modulated according to your space constraints and your needs in terms of storage.

You are thus free to choose: the mode of access to the bed, the arrangements which you wish to integrate into the sleeping space, the dimensions and the finishes.

If your sleeping space is poor in storage, you can for example choose a staircase which will comprise cubes to be modulated according to your desires. Once you have selected the dimensions and fittings of your mezzanine bed, all you have to do is determine your favourite finishes. ABC Meubles gives you the possibility to select the colour of the different elements of your bed. It's up to you to give free rein to your imagination!
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