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Retrouvez toutes nos belles histoires et actualités sur notre blog ABC Meubles ! Nous vous réservons ce petit coin de partage pour vous évader, à la découverte du vaste monde du mobilier et de la décoration d’intérieur. Si vous êtes à la recherche d’inspiration, d’idées et de conseils en tout genre, nous avons pour vous les rubriques idéales ! Un concentré d’inspiration et de passion avec des rubriques, des photos clients, et vidéos.

  • Choose a trundle bed with drawers to save space

    The trundle bed appeared at the beginning of the 20th century at the same time as other models of modular beds such as the armchair bed, the vertical bed or the camp bed. This type of bed easily responds to new constraints: the lack of space and the need to optimise storage and sleeping arrangements. 

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  • What is the ideal age to buy a children's loft bed?

    The mezzanine bed is the ideal bed for small rooms or simply to give your children enough space to play. Under a children's mezzanine bed, you can easily install a desk, a reading area, storage space or even a tree house.

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  • Raw wood cube for designer storage

    Storage cubes are increasingly used in our homes for their functional and design aspects. Often modular, these storage units are the ideal solution for optimising your storage space. The cube shape also adapts to all types of rooms and all styles of decor. 

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  • Scandinavian baby's room: good decorating tips!

    If you like to combine warmth and simplicity in your interior design, you will love the Scandinavian style! This design, directly inspired by the Nordic countries, is the perfect combination of authenticity, functionalism and simplicity. The Scandinavian style relies mostly on natural colours and materials, creating a warm atmosphere conducive to what the Danes call "hygge".

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  • Opt for an evolving bet : the bed that grows with your child

    Your child has just left his or her cot and you already realise that the new bed may soon be too small? Have you thought about a cot? A real long-term investment, the evolving bed is the ideal solution for keeping your child comfortable without you having to buy a new bed at each stage of development. Concerned about offering you furniture that you will keep for many years, ABC Meubles has designed evolving beds for children that you will be able to modulate from year to year.

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  • Trundle bed made in France : it's possible !

    Did you know that it is possible to invest in a trundle bed made entirely in France?In the shops, you will often find trundle beds made on the other side of the world and then transported to France. At a time when ecology is becoming a concern, it is urgent to offer locally made furniture with a controlled carbon footprint.

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  • Choose a wooden loft bed for your child's bedroom

    A child's bedroom is a place to play, rest, work and dream: all these activities require space. However, between the desk, the toy chest, the chest of drawers and the bed, the play area can quickly be reduced. The mezzanine bed is therefore a solution favoured by parents to optimise the children's living space. Focus on wooden loft beds and their many advantages.

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  • Wooden storage cubes: the trend in 2021

    Wooden storage cubes are very popular in 2021 and are used to furnish and organise the whole house, from the kitchen to the living room, the bedroom and the bathroom. These aesthetically pleasing and functional storage solutions can be used in all types of interiors to create a warm and modern atmosphere. At ABC Meubles, we offer a wide range of wooden storage cubes so that your interior follows the decorating trends of 2021.

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