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Have you always dreamed of having a contemporary, uncluttered living room in which you will feel serene and calm? Adopt a set of Scandinavian living room furniture made of wood. Scandinavian style is known for its clean lines, functionalism and timelessness.

That's why at ABC Meubles we decided to offer you a complete range of Scandinavian style wooden furniture. You will not be able to do without the sturdiness of our furniture made of solid pine. In order to provide you with high quality Scandinavian furniture, we use solid pine from French sustainably managed forests. Always with this concern for quality, we have chosen to manufacture all our ranges of Scandinavian wooden furniture in France in our workshops in Basse-Normandie.

Discover now our range of Scandinavian wooden living room furniture.

Why choose a Scandinavian wooden living room?

If you appreciate uncluttered, warm and contemporary decoration at the same time, you will love our Scandinavian wooden living room furniture.

This quality furniture that is both original and elegant will ideally match the atmosphere of your interior. To make your living room totally harmonious, we have put together a set of sideboards, TV stands and coffee tables with a similar design. You will love arranging your Scandinavian wooden living room to enjoy a soothing and cheerful space at the same time.

Our Scandinavian wooden buffet will sublimate your interior and allow you to store a large number of accessories thanks to its beautiful storage volumes. For even more functionality, we have even added a height adjustable shelf. In order for you to arrange your multimedia space, we have created a TV unit that alternates shelves and drawers. It is the ideal piece of furniture to store your internet box, your CD players or your speakers.

The low table is a central piece of furniture in the living room, it must be functional and aesthetic at the same time. Our Scandinavian model perfectly combines these two criteria. You will also be able to store all the accessories you need on a daily basis in your living room.

How to choose the finishes of your Scandinavian wooden living room?

To meet all your decorative desires, we wanted to give you the opportunity to customise all your Scandinavian-inspired living room furniture yourself. You can of course choose to leave your furniture in raw wood, but you can also select a colour combination from our wide range of varnishes.

If you want to create an atmosphere that is both modern and warm, we advise you to opt for the combination of white and raw wood. To give your living room a bit of colour, you can also select a colour combination from our composition: petrol blue, orange, ivory and white or blue and yellow, plum and grey or even petrol blue and orange. It's up to you to choose according to the atmosphere you want to create in your Scandinavian living room. Don't hesitate to use your imagination and play with the colour combinations of your different Scandinavian wooden living room furniture.
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