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It is sometimes difficult to find seats that meet our needs and remain sturdy and aesthetically pleasing. To meet all your desires, ABC Meubles has therefore created a range of wooden screw stools that you can use for your office as well as for your bar. These adjustable stools will suit both adults and children, for working or relaxing.

Discover quickly a range of ecological, robust and aesthetic wooden screw stools.

Sturdy and aesthetic screw stools

Practical and functional, the screw stools are made from solid pine taken from French forests. The raw colour of the wooden screw stool will offer your interior a warm and friendly atmosphere. This is why it is ideal to decorate a bar table or to improve the comfort of an office.

Thanks to the solid pine, ABC Meubles wooden stools are particularly robust. The wooden furniture we design is made to last: it can be assembled, disassembled and moved at will without ever losing its aestheticism and its sturdiness. By opting for a wooden screw stool, you are helping us to fight against the disposable trend and enjoy furniture that you can keep for many years.

The design of the wooden screw stool is timeless, so it goes with all interior styles and can be placed in the children's room, in the office or even in the kitchen.

Ecological and customizable solid pine screw stools

As with all our wooden furniture, the screw stool is designed to be environmentally friendly. The solid pine that makes up these models is an ecological and sustainable solid wood, it comes from a controlled management forest located in the Landes. To make a wooden screw stool, we therefore only use French raw materials. We thus advocate local production in order to reduce the carbon footprint of your screw stool.

While you can of course opt for a wooden screw stool with a raw finish, you can also customise your seat according to your desires. Each model of screw stool is offered in 22 different finishes: blue, green, pink, black, metallic grey or yellow, it's up to you to choose the colour that will perfectly match your decorating desires!

For an industrial style, opt for black and grey without question. If, however, you want to decorate your children's office, opt for bright and sparkling colours such as red, yellow or pink. Please note that the finishes of your wooden screw stool are made without the use of toxic solvents: indeed, we wanted to limit VOC emissions by using water-based varnishes that are environmentally friendly, but also respectful of the health of your whole family.
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