Living room furniture

The living room is often the central room of a home, it is in this space that we meet to share convivial moments with family or friends. So that you can fully enjoy your living room, it is important to design its layout with adapted furniture.

ABC Meubles has developed a wide range of living room furniture with pure and design lines: coffee table, screw stool, sideboard, TV stand or even wooden bench and console, it is up to you to choose your ideal living room furniture! Scandinavian wood living room

How to choose furniture for your living room ?

The ABC Meubles living room furniture range is made up of furniture that is functional, design and warm.

To choose your living room furniture, first determine your storage needs.

The living room furniture we offer has storage volumes that will give you the opportunity to organise all the accessories you need on a daily basis. The TV cabinet from our Viking range thus includes two shelves as well as two drawers. The bottoms are also drilled to pass the wires of your internet box.

To complete the storage of your living room, don't hesitate to add extra shelves!!

Next, you will need to determine the overall design of your living room. You can choose the sobriety, sturdiness and functionalism of our Viking range of furniture. Coffee table, sideboard, wooden TV stand will harmonize ideally to create a warm and trendy living room.

Complete the layout of your living room by also choosing a cube bench equipped with a futon and cushions. Thanks to its storage drawers, your bench seat will allow you to optimise your living room space even more.

How to customise your living room furniture ?

At ABC Meubles, we are committed to offering you living room furniture that looks like you. That's why most of our furniture ranges can be customised to your liking!

When choosing your coffee table, bench or TV unit, you can select your finish from a wide range of colours.

Our colour chart includes shades ranging from blue to pink, including black and grey. You can also choose a colour combination to give your living room furniture an even more original and personalised look! Our colour chart offers you the possibility to choose up to 3 colour combinations. You will especially love the combination of solid pine with blue, yellow and white colours!

Give your imagination free rein and create a design living room in which you will feel good. A cosy and modern atmosphere with a wood and white living room unit, an industrial style with an aluminium grey TV unit or a cheerful and colourful atmosphere with orange and petrol blue! It's up to you to choose the living room furniture and finish that best suits your desires.