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The console is an essential piece of furniture in a house or a flat, thanks to its small dimensions this piece of furniture can indeed be arranged as well in a corridor as in an entrance hall or in a living room.

ABC Meubles has developed for you wooden consoles that are simple, functional and authentic. You will be able to use our consoles for many years to come, and they can be easily placed in the tightest spaces of your living space.

The wooden consoles we offer you in our online shop are made from pine taken from sustainably managed forests. These forests are located in the Landes region of France, so we favour local and sustainable production that is more respectful of the environment.

Discover our range of wooden consoles as well as the many finishes you can select when placing your order.

Why choose a wooden console?

ABC Meubles has designed a wide range of wooden consoles for you. You will find consoles with one or several drawers in order to easily store the personal belongings you have on a daily basis. You can also choose your wooden console according to the size you need. We have indeed declined several formats of consoles (square or rectangular) so that you can easily arrange and move your side furniture according to your space constraints.

The wooden consoles that you will find at ABC Meubles are made from wood harvested from controlled forests located in France. Thus the raw material and components of our consoles contribute to reducing the carbon impact of the furniture we produce. Opting for a wooden console from ABC Meubles means choosing sustainable, authentic, resistant and environmentally friendly furniture. In this way, you also favour a local production and highlight the Made in France!

You should also know that by choosing a wooden console in our online shop, you adopt furniture that is good for the well-being of your whole family. Our wooden furniture ranges are in fact made with water-based varnishes without solvents.

How to choose the finishes of your wooden console?

At ABC Meubles, we consider that you should have the possibility to choose a piece of furniture that will perfectly match your desires and the style of your home. This is why we develop wooden furniture ranges where you can choose the finishes when you place your order.

Once you have chosen the wooden console model you prefer, you will have the choice between several types of finishes.

The three-drawer hall console comes in a varnished fir, cherry or antique white finish. Three totally different styles to suit all types of decorations! Scandinavian, authentic, modern or contemporary style: the choice is yours!
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