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You wish to purchase a solid wood cabinet or sideboard? You have undoubtedly made the choice of authenticity and durability!

Abc-Meubles offers you a range of solid wood cupboards and sideboards that are sure to find their place in your home. Whatever your decoration and your style, a solid wood piece of furniture can be integrated into any atmosphere in perfect harmony.

Depending on your needs in terms of storage and the floor space you have for this new solid wood furniture, you will find at Abc-Meubles the piece of furniture you are dreaming of. Our solid wood storage cabinets have been thought and designed in a pure, simple and timeless style. You can also choose your cupboard by opting for storage drawers or a wardrobe.

Our cupboards and sideboards are available in about twenty colours composed only of 100% ecological water-based varnish. It's up to you to choose for an authentic shade or for a sparkling touch of modernity.

Why choose a solid wood sideboard?

Choosing one of our spacious solid wood cabinets means opting for a piece of furniture that offers both solidity and robustness. A solid wood cabinet or sideboard has an unparalleled aplomb and will sublimate the room of the house where it will sit majestically. Its exceptional lifespan makes it a piece of furniture of sure value which will cross the times without suffering from the test of time.

You know it, the solid wood is identifiable with the naked eye. The grain of the wood does not deceive, it keeps the same direction at the corners. Solid wood delights all generations with its beauty, its resistance and its incomparable standing.

The wood we use comes exclusively from sustainably managed forests in the Landes region in France. You should also know that Abc-Meubles wishes to minimise its production of waste: it is in this respect that we call upon a company responsible for recovering and transforming our wood scraps! It is one of our essential commitments to promote an eco-responsible and environmentally conscious business.

How to choose the finishes of your solid wood sideboard?

Abc-Meubles offers solid wood cabinets and sideboards in several models, all in an extraordinary palette of 19 resplendent colours!

From the most classic to the most trendy tones, you will find the colour that will perfect the room for which your solid wood cabinet or sideboard is intended!

Naturally, the varnishes we use are environmentally friendly and safe for small children or pets. Our door cabinets with or without drawers offer you plenty of storage space. The space is thus optimised to offer you as much space as possible for a controlled floor area. You can also arrange your wardrobe as you wish: wardrobe, removable shelves, drawers mounted on metal runners, etc.

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