Scandinavian Furniture

Do you like warm and uncluttered atmospheres at the same time? Discover the range of Scandinavian furniture that we have imagined for you!
At ABC Meubles, we make beautiful, authentic, durable and environmentally friendly furniture. All our Scandinavian furniture is made from solid wood harvested from eco-managed French forests. This way, we favour local know-how and give you the opportunity to consume in a more responsible way. You will benefit from a range of furniture that will accompany you for many years without ever getting tired of it. ABC Meubles Scandinavian furniture is indeed designed to last: you can assemble and disassemble it without ever damaging it.

Discover quickly the different pieces of furniture that make up our Scandinavian range. Furniture Scandinavian living room wood

Why choose the Viking Scandinavian furniture range?

The ABC Meubles Scandinavian furniture range is ideal if you are looking to create a warm, ethical, aesthetically pleasing interior that looks like you.

Scandinavian design is characterised by clean, soft and contemporary lines that contribute to creating cocooning and soothing atmospheres. We have designed a range of light wood furniture made entirely from solid pine. Our Scandinavian furniture comes in two categories: Scandinavian bedroom furniture and Scandinavian living room furniture. The Scandinavian bedroom range includes a bed, a chest of drawers, a chest of drawers, a bedside table, while the living room range includes a coffee table, a TV stand and a sideboard. All Scandinavian furniture in this category is designed to be perfectly functional, but also beautiful and easy to arrange. At ABC Meubles, we create furniture that will be with you for many years, so we make sturdy ranges that stand up to everyday life!

To make our Scandinavian furniture a part of your everyday life, we have made sure that you can customise it as much as you like.

When you select your customisation in our online shop, we will take care of your furniture by applying a water-based varnish. The use of solvent-free varnish reduces the emission of VOCs so that your Scandinavian furniture remains healthy for your whole family.

How to customise your Scandinavian furniture?

All of the furniture in the Scandinavian range can be customised to suit your tastes and desires. It's up to you to use your imagination to create a bedroom and living room that reflects your image! So, you can create colour combinations, opt for a single shade.

Don't hesitate to mix genres and finishes: why not keep your TV stand in raw wood and combine it with an oil blue and orange coffee table? Or choose a raw wood and white chiffonier and combine it with a blue coffee table? You are totally free to create a Scandinavian living room and bedroom according to your desires!