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There are many variations of solid wood shelves available on the market: cube shelves, wall shelves, bookcase shelves, etc... ABC Meubles offers a range of solid wood shelves that are functional, robust and harmonious.

Why choose a solid wood shelf?

Placing a shelf in your room will allow you to benefit from a storage space and it will enhance your decoration. It will be useful for:

-Decorating your bathroom
This is one of the rooms that need to be very functional, but also welcoming. Your shelves will become decorative elements by placing some candles, soaps or nicely folded towels on them.

-Harmonize your bedroom
Opt for the installation of one or more shelves to finally fall asleep and wake up in an orderly space. Solid wood shelves will be decorative and serve as a support for your favourite photos or knick-knacks.
Organise your desk
What could be more practical than having very easy access to your various documents and office materials in a more ergonomic way by equipping yourself with some shelves. The new organisation of your office will help you save time while preserving your health thanks to the new ergonomics of your space.

-Optimise your kitchen
By adding shelves, you will be able to highlight your kitchen accessories, your herb pots, your house plants or your cookbooks, but also to delimit certain areas for example: the cooking area, the area for preparing your dishes, etc. With the help of shelves it will also be possible to delimit the casual corner such as the mini coffee bar.

- Embellish your living room
Our solid wood shelves will complete the decor of your living room by bringing a chic and sober touch to the interior architecture of your space.

Be careful not to "load" your shelves too much, otherwise the room will look disorganized which will be counter-productive.

How to choose a solid wood shelf ? 

Here are some tips on how to select one of our solid wood shelves, so that it will fit into every room in your home.

A shelf is first and foremost a storage medium.
These shelving units or wall shelves will fit your needs, lifestyle and space perfectly if you take the time to think carefully about how you want to use them. Their quick installation and modularity within your living space are the major assets of the success of this type of furniture.

The solid wood shelf is a decorative element.
Sometimes a room lacks warmth, character, identity, even if you have changed the colour of the walls, added curtains or rearranged the room for example. This is why it is advisable to place shelves in some rooms that seem empty in places. The presence of some shelves in your living space will make it much more welcoming. Depending on their shape, colour and place in the room, they will totally change the aesthetics of your space.
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