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Do you want to easily store your coats, scarves and jackets? Opt for ABC Meubles wooden coat racks and coat hooks, you will undoubtedly make the choice of sturdy and durable storage accessories.

We offer a wide range of cloakrooms and coat racks that will perfectly match your interior and that you can arrange in an entrance hall, a bedroom or a bathroom.

Our collection of cloakrooms and coat racks is made from solid pine for an unfailing robustness. Our collection of wardrobes and coat racks is made from solid pine for a robustness that will stand the test of time. It is a sober and pure wood species which you can choose the finish to adapt your storage furniture to your desires and your decoration.

In an ecological and sustainable approach, we use solid pine from a controlled forest located in the Landes. By opting for a wooden coat rack ABC Meubles, you therefore choose to furnish your living space with environmentally friendly materials.

Why choose a wooden coat rack?

Opting for a wooden coat rack ABC Meubles means choosing timeless, durable, resistant and ecological storage furniture.

So that you can easily deposit your clothes, scarves, jackets and umbrellas, don't hesitate to opt for a wall-mounted coat rack made of solid pine. This way, you will be able to organise your entrance and hallway in an aesthetic and functional way. Our wooden cloakroom features 6 pegs to accommodate the whole family's coats. It even comes with a mirror!"

If you want to hang more clothes, adopt our accordion coat rack: thanks to its 10 heads and accordion shape, you can easily put your jackets, scarves, towels, pyjamas or jumpers.

Please note that our solid pine furniture ranges are treated with solvent-free water-based varnishes which are therefore harmless to your health and to the planet.

ABC Meubles solid pine coat racks are timeless storage accessories made from a noble, elegant and trendy material. You will appreciate the ecological properties of pine selected from sustainable forests and assembled to create furniture that you will keep for many years.

How to choose the finishes of your wooden coat rack?

The wooden coat racks ABC Meubles come in several finishes that you can choose from when placing your order. In order for your storage furniture to perfectly match your expectations, we have indeed wished to give you the possibility to customize your wooden coat racks. Thus you will be able to select a coat rack with one or two pegs and take the time to choose a colour that will match your interior decoration.

Thus, our two peg coat rack is available in natural varnish, walnut stained or white lacquered with cellulose varnish finish.

Our three peg coat rack comes in blue, grey, white, black, red, lilac, wenge as well as honey and wood.

All that's left is for you to choose the finish that will match your decorating desires in every way!
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