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Come and discover our wide range of wooden and MDF cots and cradles made in France on our website.

You are impatiently waiting for baby or maybe he is already here, but one thing is sure, you want the best for your little treasure. In order for your baby to enjoy a peaceful night's sleep, he or she must be able to sleep in a healthy, high-quality bed that will look good in the room.

At Abc-Meubles, we know how much importance you attach to the choice of your cot: you want, for example, a noble, authentic and high-quality material. This is why we offer you a range of cots and cradles made of wood and MDF to accompany your baby in the best possible way in the first years of his life.

For the well-being and absolute safety of your little ones, all the varnishes used in the finishing of our cots are water-based. So, as well as being harmless to baby, other children and pets in the home, they are ecological and environmentally friendly.

Why choose a wood and MDF crib?

Our wood and MDF cribs are both sturdy and practical, as well as being stylish and displaying an unbeatable charm in the baby's room.

The base of our solid pine and MDF cribs can be adjusted in height on 3 different levels, so that you, the parents, do not have to bend over excessively to pick up or put down your baby.

As your little one grows, you can simply lower the base to ensure that it remains as safe as possible at all times. Believe it or not, your back will thank you for this choice, especially as your baby grows and starts to put on weight!

Moreover, choosing wood and ecological medium for your baby means investing in a bed made of a material that is both beautiful and robust, reliable and durable. In addition, this baby bed will last through the ages and will be able to accommodate all the babies in the family in turn!

How to choose the finishes for your solid wood baby bed?

Whether the baby who will take his place in this warm cosy nest is a girl or a boy, you will find the one that best suits your desires in our wide range of colours.

Solid wood, whatever the colour chosen, always gives an impression of comfort and high standard.

Abc-Meubles' cots will give baby's bedroom that cocooning, calm and restful atmosphere he needs.

For a perfect harmony around the baby's bed, opt for matching furniture available on our site: chests of drawers, cupboards, bedside cabinets, storage cubes, etc., For a perfect harmony around the baby's bed, choose matching furniture available on our site: chests of drawers, wardrobes, bedside tables, storage cubes, etc., which will perfect the decoration of the room and make the baby's room his first living space just as you imagined it.
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