About us

Founded in 1900, ABC MEUBLES specializes in the manufacture of solid wood furniture. At the beginning of the last century, the production consisted of small utility barrels and wooden gift items. Over the years, the manufacturing has evolved on household items, small wooden furniture, kit furniture and refocused on sleeping kit.

Since 1980, the company is one of the only French specialist manufacturers of wooden bedding. With this experience, the company ABC MEUBLES SARL collaborates with mail order companies such as the 3 Swiss, La Redoute and Camif to sell its products. But in the 90s, it faces the globalization of trade and has to face competition from Asia.

Following the liquidation of Camif, the company decided to sell directly to individuals and create its own online store: www.abc-meubles.com. Its goal: to offer all its customers a range of wooden furniture, high quality at competitive prices. She collaborates with a Portuguese company for the range of shelves and furniture, a French company for a collection of rooms and continues to manufacture the range of sleeping kit in Normandy.

Since 2007, Abc-furniture has evolved to better serve the customer and respect the environment

Ecological water varnish finishes and wood from managed forest. In response to customer demand, many products have been created. New finishes have appeared to fill everyone's tastes. Throughout the year, a dedicated team researches and manufactures robust and design novelties.
Mezzanine beds and pull-out beds have been manufactured for more than a decade and enjoy unmatched reliability. ABC MEUBLES is the leading French manufacturer of mezzanine. Thanks to you, Abc-meubles.com develops its ranges and refocuses its manufacturing exclusively in its workshop in Normandy.
Ordering on Abc-meubles.com is being sure of the origin and the quality of the products!

  • cms_tiphaine.png

    Tiphaine | E-commerce manager

    Responsible for the website, Tiphaine follows very closely every element related to the site: strategy, SEO, content, design, opinion ... But must of all, she care about your satisfaction by ensuring the smooth conduct of online shopping. By email, chat or phone, she will answer your questions.

  • cms_patricia.png

    Patricia | Management and customer relationship

    Before, during and after your order, we ensure your follow-up. Patricia remains at your disposal to answer all your questions by phone. In addition to listening to you, she ensures the shipments of orders, as well as their follow-up.

  • cms_esma.png

    Esma | Community manager

    Esma is here to entertain and inform you through our publications and blog posts. She animates both social networks and is responsible for writing content: Product, Newsletter, Article ... She remains at your disposal by chat, phone and social networks.

  • cms_benjamin.png

    Benjamin | Graphic artist

    Photos, videos, animation, 3D, graphic design ... Benjamin is responsible for the creation of all visuals and design related directly or indirectly to the website. Always inspired, our graphic designer has no shortage of ideas to cheer up your pupils.

  • cms_pierre.png

    Pierre | Web developer

    Our developer breaks the codes! Responsible for the development of the website, from its design to its SEO, Pierre ensures the smooth running of the store on all platforms.

  • cms_alban.png

    Alban | Director and Workshop Manager

    From the preparation of your order to the shipment, Alban ensures the smooth running of the production. Management, Organization and Coordination ... our supervisor oversees each step. At the heart of the workshop and the company, he is also director of ABC Meubles.

  • cms_jean-michel.png

    Jean-Michel | Painting

    Only our products in rough finish escape Jean Michel. Equipped with a spray gun, our varnisher is responsible for natural and colored tinted finishes. We can say that he sees all the colors.

  • cms_anthony-philippe.png

    Anthony & Philippe | Production

    When your order is being prepared, know that it is in the hands of Anthony and Philippe. They work on the manufacture of products. Each piece is carefully cut and prepared in our workshop.

  • cms_chantal-celine.png

    Chantal & Céline | Packaging

    Chantal and Céline are the last links in the chain at the workshop. Once your order is made and varnished, they are responsible for preparing and packing packages for shipping. Your packages are circled and filmed on pallets by their care, ready to travel to you.