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Why choose a solid wood bottle rack?

A bottle rack or wine rack is a clever and inexpensive solution for storing your favourite bottles of wine safely and above all for optimal preservation. This type of storage allows you to preserve your collection of wine bottles without damaging them. You can also store your soda or water bottles and take advantage of the original design of our models to bring a touch of fantasy to your home.

Investing in a bottle rack is an ideal investment for wine lovers, whether they are neophytes or not. These very practical storage units allow you to store your bottles in a perfect position. Your vintages will thus keep all their taste qualities until the day of their tasting.

Oenologist "aficionados" wishing to collect good quality vintages will therefore be able to start building up a fine selection of their favourite bottles with confidence with one of our solid pine storage units.

How to choose a solid wood bottle rack

Nowadays, bottle racks are made of various materials like wood, iron, plastic. However, wooden racks are still the most popular products among connoisseurs, as they are environmentally friendly. Wine racks come in a wide range of sizes and bottle capacities. The price range is also very varied. At ABC-Meubles, we offer items made of solid wood that are both sturdy and functional, all at very reasonable prices.

To meet the demands of our customers, our items benefit from various classic and elegant designs. They will fit perfectly with your interior design style. For example, for an original country style, we offer a wooden bottle holder with an eye-catching barrel design. This model can hold up to six bottles, benefits from great stability and can be placed anywhere.

On the other hand, if you only have limited floor space, opt for our solid pine wall bottle rack as well. This model can hold up to six bottles. This wall-mounted bottle rack can absolutely be placed above your worktop or on one of your kitchen walls, for example. However, it is important to determine the right place to mount it so that people in the kitchen or just passing through do not unintentionally bump into it and cause a bottle to fall. That would be a real shame!

Whether you choose the barrel or the wall model, these two storage units will enhance your interior design and add a personal touch to your daily living space. By choosing one of our wooden bottle racks, you will be able to perfectly preserve your bottles for many years, while respecting the storage conditions. Moreover, thanks to these two storage units you will no longer be caught short of wine, if an impromptu meal comes up.
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