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Have you always enjoyed the clean, simple and contemporary feel of Scandinavian style? Then you'll love our range of Scandinavian-inspired wooden furniture specially designed to furnish your bedroom.

This range of Scandinavian furniture is made from solid pine harvested from eco-managed forests located in the Landes region. This range of Scandinavian furniture is made from solid pine harvested from ecologically managed forests in the Landes region of France. By favouring local production, we are able to offer you Scandinavian bedroom furniture that is both ecological and robust.

Because the bedroom is a particularly important area in your living space, we use an ecological water-based varnish for our Scandinavian wooden furniture, which does not contain any volatile organic compounds that could be detrimental to your health or that of your children.

Choosing Scandinavian inspired wooden furniture ABC Meubles for your bedroom is to opt for furnishings that are environmentally friendly, functional and harmonious.

Why choose the Viking range of Scandinavian furniture?

Our Viking range of Scandinavian bedroom furniture is both robust, functional and beautiful. Thanks to the solid pine we source in France and the French manufacturing process, the Scandinavian bedroom furniture will last for many years. The clean and simple style inspired by the Nordic countries is also timeless, so you will never tire of your ABC Meubles Scandinavian furniture set.

Among our range of Scandinavian style wooden furniture, you will find: the Viking Bed, the Viking Chest of Drawers, the Viking Dresser as well as the Viking Bedside Table. All these pieces of furniture have been designed to perfectly match each other in order to create a beautiful harmony of style in your room.

In addition to being beautiful, the Scandinavian style furniture that we have imagined for you are perfectly functional and practical. You will benefit from sufficiently large storage spaces to store and organise all the personal belongings you wish to keep in your Scandinavian bedroom.

You should know that our entire range of Scandinavian wooden furniture has been designed and made in our workshop in Basse-Normandie. You are thus assured of enjoying a Scandinavian bedroom made from high quality local know-how.

How to choose the finishes of your Scandinavian wooden bedroom?

In order for your bedroom to represent your personality and your decorative desires, we suggest that you choose the finishes of your Scandinavian wooden furniture yourself. So, you are totally free to select the colours of your chest of drawers, your chiffonier, your bedside table or even your bed.

To satisfy all your decorative desires, we have even added floral or tropical motifs, dinosaurs for the children, feathers or even hearts!!

It is up to you to choose the finishes of your Scandinavian bedroom according to the atmosphere you want to give to your room: girly, soft, natural, sparkling, modern, authentic, etc. You can also choose to leave your furniture in raw wood to give your room a more natural and authentic atmosphere.
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