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Infused with Japanese influences, the futon bench has become a must-have in the furniture industry. People looking for a multifunctional sofa are often seduced by the futon bench. This all-in-one piece of furniture allows you to quickly benefit from a sofa as well as a bed.

A sure value in the field of furniture, the futon bench ABC Meubles and its solid wood structure, is recognizable among a thousand. Sturdiness, quality and comfort are the adjectives that qualify this furniture.

Why choose a solid wood futon bench seat?

There are many reasons to choose a futon bench seat. Here are the main ones:

• its firmness prevents and softens back pain thanks to its excellent hold which avoids arching the spine in a horizontal position,
• its minimalist and chic design brings a Zen atmosphere to your room while being one of the central objects of your interior decoration,
• its possibility of being an alternative to benefit from a single or double bed depending on the model chosen,
• its quick transformation from sofa to extra bed in a few seconds,
• its medium size that fits perfectly into small living spaces,
• its quick and easy maintenance.

How to choose a solid wood futon bench

It's not always easy to determine the right furniture for your home. Here are a few tips to help you decide!

Your futon bench should be chosen according to your needs and three main criteria: your lifestyle, its main use and finally your interior decoration.

Whether you live a nomadic or sedentary life, your choices in terms of furniture purchases are determined by your lifestyle at the time. Indeed, for those who are "on the move" it is better to choose light, robust and practical furniture. For those who are less adventurous in their daily lives, you may choose furniture that offers several functions at once, such as the cube bench model with storage drawers.

Depending on whether you are going to use your futon bench regularly or occasionally, your choice will be different. For example, for frequent use as a sofa, bed or both, you should choose a high quality model. The sturdiness and comfort of a high quality product will allow you to meet your needs over time. Another important detail is that you should also choose a high-quality futon mattress to protect your back and neck and provide you with unparalleled seating comfort. On the other hand, if you wish to equip yourself with a futon bench for occasional use, you can afford to make some savings by opting for a futon mattress that is a little less expensive, but just as comfortable.

An essential element for your daily well-being, your furnishings are an integral part of your interior design. Your futon bench ABC Meubles will thus reflect both your character, but also your desires and needs for cocooning through its shape, accessories and colours.
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