Why choose a Scandinavian bed?

Every year, the Scandinavian style seduces more and more households concerned with creating a comfortable, friendly and serene atmosphere in their homes. In France, Scandinavian design had its first successes from the 1940s onwards thanks to the creators of great names such as Panton, Klint, Jacobsen, Mogensen and Aalto.

Scandinavian design is applied to murals, furniture, lighting and small decorative objects. It can be deployed in all rooms of the house: living room, bedroom, bathroom, dining room or kitchen.

At ABC Meubles, we offer a wide range of Scandinavian style bedroom furniture. You will have the pleasure of sleeping in a comfortable bed whose design draws directly from the clean lines of typical Scandinavian furniture.

What is Scandinavian style? 

Scandinavian style is characterised by the choice of materials, colours and lines. Simple and functional, this design uses soft, light colours and natural materials such as wood. Scandinavian furniture design is based on clean, unadorned and above all functional lines.

Wood is undoubtedly the key material in Scandinavian design. It brings a natural and warm spirit that is particularly sought after. The different types of wood selected for furniture design are often left natural, so it is often solid wood. Scandinavian furniture is robust and designed to last, if the lines remain pure and simple it is precisely so that your furniture adapts to the evolution of your interior.

While the colours of Scandinavian design remain soft and clear, small, brighter touches often enhance the whole: they can be cushions, plaids or a touch of colour applied directly to a piece of furniture.

What are the advantages of a Scandinavian bed? 

The bedroom is a room dedicated to calm, relaxation and serenity. This is why it is important to choose the right decoration and furniture that are functional and comfortable.

Scandinavian bed abc meubles

The Scandinavian bed is a key piece in our Viking range. Made from solid Landes pine, this type of bed is both robust and durable: it is a bed that will accompany you for many years and will easily withstand successive removals and dismantling. While the Scandinavian bed can of course keep its natural colour, you can also choose finishes to add touches of colour to your decoration. We offer a wide range of coloured water-based varnishes, as well as decors that will perfectly match your interior.

For a completely natural and healthy furnishing, our varnishes are guaranteed without VOC emissions.
In order to harmonize your room, we propose a complete set of furniture in Scandinavian design: chest of drawers, chest of drawers or bedside table. All you have to do is choose different finishes to create a serene and warm atmosphere in the image of Scandinavian design!