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This sofa bed is a little decorative touch which is also very useful. This bench proposed by ABC Meubles will meet all your expectations!

Both design and comfortable, it will find its place in your home, whatever your tastes and needs! Since the 1950's, it has seduced owners of small and large homes alike thanks to its practicality and built-in storage. And that's not about to change!

What are the advantages of a sofa bed? 

A real ally against the lack of space and storage, the sofa bed is the perfect piece of furniture. It has the advantage of offering both a comfortable seat and storage space just below. A real two-in-one piece of furniture, very practical for welcoming guests for a few nights. The bench bed proposed by ABC Meuble is made up of four very practical drawers, four cushions and a futon. A double function that makes it a must-have in every bedroom or living room.

The sofa bed is also very handy and easy to move. Do you feel like a change? Do you want to redesign your interior? Or are you moving to a new home? There is no doubt that your ABC Meuble sofa bed will find its place in this new adventure! With its 200 cm length, it will easily slide under a mezzanine, replace a too classic sofa or become a small reading corner in your bedroom. In short, it will be able to follow you and adapt itself without any problem. Especially since it takes about an hour to assemble. What more could you ask for?

How to choose a sofa bed? 

The quality of materials is a point not to be neglected if you want a piece of furniture that lasts over time. The sofa bed proposed by ABC Meuble is made of four solid pine cubes, wood from the moors coming from a controlled forest. There is therefore no doubt about its quality. The same goes for the fabric: the cushions are 100% cotton, while the futon covers and the cushion covers are 100% polyester. A winning combination! Note also that the varnishes applied to the wood are water-based, more suitable for indoor use.

Made in France is also a guarantee of quality: note that the ABC Meubles sofa bed is manufactured in the brand's workshop in Lower Normandy.

Another point to pay attention to when choosing your sofa bed is the diversity of colours offered. It is indeed very pleasant to be able to choose a colour that matches your current decoration! The cube sofa from ABC Meubles will meet your expectations. No less than 26 finishing colours are proposed for the wooden part. Something to suit all styles! The futon and cushions are available in two colours: sand and plum. Sober colours appreciated by many individuals, which will easily adapt to all tastes.

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