Children's mezzanine bed

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The children's mezzanine bed offers considerable space saving, it is also a fun sleeping solution particularly appreciated by the little ones. At ABC Meubles, we offer a wide range of mezzanine beds adapted to children, totally safe and customizable.

To manufacture our children's mezzanine beds, we use wood taken from controlled forests. In this way, we contribute to the development of local and ecological production. In this way, we also control the carbon footprint of all our furniture ranges.

Discover a range of ecological, healthy and sustainable children's mezzanine beds.

Why choose a mezzanine bed for children?

The loft bed is a functional and fun sleeping solution. This type of bed is particularly useful in small children's rooms. The high bed frees up more floor space for the children to enjoy an extra play area. Under the mezzanine bed, you can also install a desk or a reading area with small seats or cushions!

To save even more space, you can place a chest of drawers or additional storage space under the bed, such as shelves or a cube.

Thanks to a mezzanine bed, your child can create a cocoon by making huts and returning each evening to a cosy bed in which he or she will feel safe.

How to choose a mezzanine bed for children?

The dimensions of a children's loft bed should be adapted to the size of the room, but also to the age of your child.

For the youngest children, opt for a half-height model, for example, which will allow you to make the bed easily and will be easy to access. Also choose a ladder that your child can climb safely: an inclined ladder or even a cube staircase that can also be used for storage. To ensure that your child enjoys his or her loft bed for many years, you can also choose a model with adjustable height. Don't hesitate to opt for a children's loft bed with a ladder equipped with storage shelves. Your child can, for example, put his soft toys or his evening book on it.

The ABC Meubles children's loft bed models are made from solid wood, so they can be customised to match the bedroom's decoration. To do so, you just have to select a finish directly on our online shop. Raw, honey, blue, pink or red: you can choose the colour your child likes best! The varnishes used to colour each mezzanine bed are water-based, so they are environmentally friendly and emit no VOCs (A+ air emissions). You can therefore be sure that your child will sleep in a totally healthy bed.

Functional, fun, ecological, durable and healthy: ABC Meubles mezzanine beds are perfectly adapted to children's bedrooms!

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