Customise the finish of your wood furniture

Add a unique touch to your interior

At ABC Meubles, we offer our customers total control over the finish of their furniture. A wide range of colors is available to personalize every part of your wooden bed, chest of drawers or staircase. Whether you're looking to create a piece of furniture that blends harmoniously into your living space or you want to add a unique touch to your interior, we're here to turn your ideas into reality.

Every piece of wood is varnished one by one in our workshop in Normandy. This varnishing process is a crucial stage in our manufacturing process. We use high-quality water-based varnishes that offer both lasting protection and a natural satin finish.

Once the varnish has been applied, the wooden pieces go through a controlled drying process to ensure an impeccable final result. They are carefully inspected to ensure that the finish meets our customer's requirements.


Customise your wooden furniture in 3 steps:

Customizing your wooden furniture at ABC Meubles is a simple three-step process:

Step 1: It all starts by giving free rein to your desires and imagination. Imagine your ideal furniture, inspired by the colours you like, the atmosphere and the decoration of your room! You can also use customer photos to give you ideas for layouts and colour combinations.

Step 2: You can then choose from our wide range of colours. Whether you prefer warm, natural tones, sleek modern shades, or classic finishes for an elegant look, we offer a variety of colours to match your style. You can also create your own colour combinations. There are around twenty eco-friendly water-based finishes available, so you can create furniture that perfectly matches your interior. Not sure which colour to choose? Samples can be sent to you free of charge.

Step 3: All that's left is for you to specify your customisation request when you place your order. In the customer comments section, describe your combination in detail: whether you want drawers in a different colour, customise the headboard or change the colour of just one piece... We will carefully record all your requests to ensure that the furniture you receive meets your expectations. At ABC Meubles, we are committed to offering you customisable wooden furniture made in France.