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Many homes have small bedrooms where the furniture must be perfectly arranged to remain functional and practical. However, the bed alone takes up a lot of space. When it does not have storage space, it is necessary to add a bedside table, a wardrobe or a chest of drawers. What if you opted for a bed with storage? This type of bed is ideal for combining sleeping space and storage space!

ABC Meubles' teams are committed to offering you functional, durable and trendy furniture ranges. Discover our bed with storage to create a tailor-made sleeping space.

Why choose a bed with storage?

The bed with storage is an ideal compromise between comfort and functionality. This model has 8 large drawers in which you can store your bed linen, your jumpers, your bedside books or your nightwear!

The cubes act as a support for the mattress: there is no need for a slatted base, just place the bed directly on the cubes to enjoy a trendy and comfortable bed. The bed with storage is also much more durable and resistant than a bed base that can be damaged over the course of the night. The mattress is in contact with a solid ecological wood, either raw or covered with a natural varnish, so you can enjoy a healthy and warm bed.

A bed with ecological and customizable storage

The solid pine we use to make the bed with storage is harvested in France, in the Landes region, in a controlled forest. In this way, we want to promote local production while reducing the carbon footprint of our furniture. The quality of the wood and the workmanship make the bed with storage a durable bed that will last for many years.

The bed with storage is also fully customisable. Simply choose your favourite colour from our range of finishes.

Raw, honey, two-tone, green, pink, red, metallic grey, blue or black: you can choose your colour to match your bedroom decor. You can even choose to paint the whole bed or just the drawers to keep the warm aspect of solid pine.

Please note that all the varnishes we use are water-based, they do not emit any VOC (volatile organic compounds) and are therefore totally healthy for the atmosphere of your bedroom. You can be sure to enjoy a peaceful and healthy night.

To further personalise your bed with storage, you can select 75cm cubes from our online shop. Three cubes will allow you to create a headboard that you can also use as a bedside table and as storage. This gives you the freedom to create a sleeping space that will suit your desires in every way and that will accompany you for many years!

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