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Choosing the right double bed is no easy task! Dimensions, colour, material, single or split base, integrated headboard or not, with or without built-in storage... There is a wide variety of models.

ABC Meubles' double beds have a few common characteristics: they are robust, durable and made in France. The know-how acquired by the brand over many years of experience in the creation and design of top-of-the-range furniture enables it to offer double beds that guarantee both your comfort and your quality of sleep.

Why choose a solid wood double bed?

A solid wood double bed brings warmth and conviviality to your bedroom or sleeping area. Its timelessness suits all interior styles, whatever the chosen decoration. The natural look of the wood is particularly appreciated. It is the model you choose that will make the difference. The built-in drawers give a more contemporary feel, while four slightly sloping single legs give a more Scandinavian feel. A lower double bed will give your room a more Zen-like feel.

For all types of furniture, solid wood is synonymous with robustness and durability. It is resistant to humidity and its corrosive effects, insects and other inconveniences. It is easy to maintain, and regular waxing is all that is needed to keep it looking its best.

Finally, solid wood is often synonymous with ecology. Indeed, it is a high-quality wood, less treated than other woods, which reduces the emission of greenhouse gases during the creation of the double bed. An important detail: the solid wood offered by ABC Meubles comes from French pine forests, ensuring respect for the environment.

How to choose an ABC Meubles double bed?

You will be able to make an enlightened choice among the models of double beds proposed by ABC Meubles based on a few well-defined criteria.

First, let's look at the dimensions. Know that a rule exists to determine if you want a bed in 140 x 190 cm, 140 x 200 cm or 160 x 200 cm. Simply add 20 cm to the length of the tallest sleeper! Clever, isn't it?

Concerning the bed base, you will have the choice at ABC Meubles between a large rigid slatted base or a multi-ply slatted base for your double bed. The first one will offer you a firm bedding and a great stability. The second one, with three crossbars, will provide you with an unfailing comfort. This solid wood slatted bed base is the only one made in France on the market.

ABC Meubles also gives you the opportunity to personalise your double bed with no less than 39 different colours and finishes! Opt for a plain colour or choose a headboard with various patterns. The varnish applied to the wood is solvent-free and free of volatile organic compounds, so it is 100% ecological.

For the style of your double bed, it will be up to you to choose the one that best suits your interior and your needs! Do you lack space in your bedroom? Then opt for a bed with one or more integrated drawers! For a coordinated set of furniture, it might be better to opt for an ABC Meubles bed with built-in headboard and bedside tables! Everything is possible, whatever your desires.

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