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There's nothing like a good night's sleep to get you off to a good start: the choice of bedding is essential for a good night's sleep and for feeling good every day. So why not combine business with pleasure by choosing a bed that is both comfortable and practical? Double beds with storage provide ample storage space to organise your belongings and make the most of the space a double bed occupies in a bedroom.

Why choose a double bed with storage?

Of all the furniture in a bedroom, the double bed takes up the most space. Choosing a double bed with storage allows you to optimise the space in your bedroom: a trunk or a few well-placed drawers, and your bed offers you a spacious storage space by acting as a dresser. Your belongings are discreetly stored away from the dust!

The double bed with storage is the perfect space-saving solution for a small bedroom or studio apartment, where every square metre counts. Depending on the type of storage, you can store bed linen, clothes, shoes, toys or even books. This system is ideal for storing your jumpers and coats during the summer season and freeing up space in your wardrobe!

Instead of accumulating things under your bed, opt for a double bed with storage: this multifunctional piece of furniture rests directly on the floor and prevents dust from invading the space under the bed base. This makes cleaning easier: no more vacuuming in that hard-to-reach area.

In addition to all these advantages, double beds with storage offer the same comfort and support as their standard counterparts without integrated storage.

How to choose a double bed with storage 

In order to select the right double bed with storage for your needs, you need to decide on the type of storage you want.

Depending on the number and size of the built-in drawers, a bed with drawers allows you to organise your everyday belongings, which are much easier to access than when they are stored in a box bed. A real storage unit, it is ideal for storing smaller items that need to be sorted and compartmentalised.

You will then have to choose your storage furniture according to the decor of your room. At ABC Meubles, we offer you a wide choice of finishes that you can select from our colour chart: pink or blue for a cosy bedroom, floral patterns for an elegant decor or a black padding for a chic and baroque night space. Our double beds with storage are finished with varnishes that do not emit VOCs. You are thus assured to sleep peacefully!

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