Scandinavian TV stand

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The living room is an essential part of our homes, a space where we enjoy being with our families, watching a film for example. The decoration and furnishings contribute to the warm atmosphere of a living room. Scandinavian style is all about creating a cosy atmosphere that inspires serenity and conviviality. This is why the ABC Meubles team has chosen to develop a range of Scandinavian furniture: we suggest you discover our Scandinavian TV stand.

Why choose a Scandinavian TV stand?

Scandinavian style is characterised by clean lines, natural materials and timeless yet functional furnishings. Scandinavian design often uses soft, light colours that create a bright and soothing atmosphere. It is sometimes difficult to find a TV stand that meets all of these criteria, resulting in a messy and unattractive TV corner.

The Scandinavian TV stand has clean lines and design, and is made from solid pine whose soft, natural colour is perfectly in keeping with the Scandinavian decorative spirit. This solid wood TV stand is also functional: it has drawers that will allow you to organize your living room in the best way possible, the bottom is pierced by a hole that will give you the possibility to pass all the electric wires of your multimedia devices. To place them in your TV cabinet, you can adjust the height of the shelf and install your players, box and amp.

Moreover, the pure and trendy lines of a Scandinavian TV stand will ideally match all interior styles to bring a warm and friendly spirit.

How to choose your Scandinavian TV stand?

The Scandinavian TV stand we offer is made from solid pine taken from a controlled forest in France. The furniture is then designed in workshops located in Basse-Normandie.

Opting for a Scandinavian TV cabinet is therefore choosing a reasoned, local and sustainable consumption.

To choose your Scandinavian TV stand, you can also select your favourite finish from a wide range of colours. Your TV stand can thus be personalised according to your desires and your interior decoration. You can even choose a combination of three colours such as blue, yellow and white. To create a living room in pure Scandinavian style, you can opt for natural colours such as taupe or green for example. You can keep the authenticity of the wood by choosing a natural varnish or a honey colour. Please note that our finishes are made with an ecological varnish that does not emit any VOCs (volatile organic compounds). You are thus assured of a totally healthy Scandinavian TV stand for your home.

For a harmonious living room, don't hesitate to complete your Scandinavian TV stand with furniture from our Viking range.

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