What is the ideal age to buy a children's loft bed?

he mezzanine bed is the ideal bed for small rooms or simply to give your children enough space to play. Under a mezzanine bed, you can easily install a desk, a reading area, storage space or even a tree house. The loft bed is also very practical if your children have to share the same room. This type of bed can also be adjusted according to the age of the child.

Although the mezzanine bed is a functional and durable sleeping solution, it must be perfectly safe and adapted to the age of each child. So, from what age can you install a loft bed? Which mezzanine bed solutions are the safest? We explain everything in this article.

A mezzanine bed for children with a staircase adapted to the youngest

A children's loft bed must be easily accessible. Classic loft beds have ladders with rungs that are not always suitable for small children. When making your purchase, check the dimensions of each step: even if children are agile, they must be able to climb into their bed without the risk of falling. From the age of 6, a child can easily climb into a loft bed with a ladder adapted to his size. Don't hesitate to choose a sloping ladder, as it will be easier and safer for a 6 year old child to climb up.

For more convenience, you can also opt for a children's loft bed with cube stairs. The cubes make it much easier to climb up the stairs and provide additional storage space in the bedroom. For even more safety, the cube staircase can be positioned against a wall. Although children's mezzanine beds with cube stairs are perfectly suited to children aged 6 and over, they are also suitable for young teenagers who want to create a space all their own.

A secure mezzanine bed for children with adjustable height

The height of a children's loft bed is essential for safety and ease of access. The dimensions of the bed should also be adapted to the height of the ceiling in the room.

At ABC Meubles, we make children's mezzanine beds with adjustable heights. When assembling the bed, you can choose between three different floor heights: this way, the bed can grow with the child.

We also offer half-height loft beds, which are the ideal combination of a compact bed and a loft bed. This type of mezzanine bed model is also adjustable as you can choose 3 heights under the floor: 162cm, 172cm and 182cm.

Whatever the age of your children, choose a loft bed that does not emit harmful substances. ABC Meubles furniture is made without VOCs and with water-based varnish.