Trundle bed made in France : it's possible !

The trundle bed is an ideal sleeping solution for small areas. It is an alternative that is often found in children's bedrooms: the foldaway bed can be opened up and the children can receive their friends.

In the shops, you will find many trundle beds manufactured on the other side of the world and then transported to France. At a time when ecology is becoming a concern, it is urgent to offer locally made furniture with a controlled carbon footprint.

Did you know that it is possible to invest in a trundle bed made entirely in France?

What is a trundle bed?

The trundle bed is a 2-in-1 sleeping solution. When the bed is not unfolded, it is a single bed that can be used by children on a daily basis. When they want to have friends over, the lower bed can be folded out to form a 160x190 cm bed. It is also possible to create two separate beds by adjusting the height of the trundle bed.

The mattress is directly integrated into the lower bed, you simply slide the structure to install a pillow and a blanket.

The trundle bed saves a lot of space thanks to its small footprint and is also easy to install and handle.

trundle bed made in France

Why opt for a made in France trundle bed?

More and more brands are choosing to outsource the manufacture of their furniture ranges, often at the expense of quality. The disposable trend is also having a negative impact on production and waste management. In short, the production of poorly made furniture and the carbon footprint of its transport are devastating for the planet.

Choosing a made in France trundle bed is first and foremost a way of highlighting local know-how. French manufacturing offers the regions of France the possibility of regaining economic dynamism, creating new jobs, but also preserving an ancestral craft that globalisation had gradually erased.

A trundle bed made in France also puts an end to the precarious, difficult and sometimes dangerous working conditions often found in developing countries.

Choosing a made in France trundle bed also means opting for a solid bed that you won't have to get rid of after a few years of use. You are thus favouring sustainable production and putting an end to the disposable trend.

When you buy a trundle bed made in France, you are undoubtedly doing something important for the planet. French manufacturing considerably limits the transport time and therefore the carbon footprint of the trundle bed. At ABC Meubles, we have also chosen to use solid pine from a sustainably managed forest: we therefore control the production of the resources used to make our trundle beds.

Opting for a French trundle bed is now possible: more than an ecological choice, it is a civic gesture!