The ABC Meubles cube staircase: practical, ecological and modular

The storage cube staircase represents a revolution in the world of multifunctional furniture, combining practicality, aesthetics and space optimisation.

In this article, we take an in-depth look at this innovative solution, highlighting its usefulness, maximum modularity and eco-friendly manufacturing at ABC Meubles.

What is a storage cube staircase?

The storage cube staircase is an innovative and practical solution that combines the functionality of a traditional staircase with the advantages of an efficient storage system.

Made from cubes stacked to form a staircase, it provides access to a high space, such as a mezzanine, loft bed or attic, while maximising the space available for storage. These cubes can be used as a bookcase, a space for decorative objects or to conceal various items thanks to their drawers.

The advantages of a storage cube staircase

Opinions on the storage cube staircase are unanimous about its many advantages. In addition to its primary function of bridging heights, it offers considerable storage capacity without encroaching on living space. It's a bit like having a cupboard inside your staircase!

Each cube can be customised with or without a drawer, depending on your storage needs. What's more, as a piece of furniture, it adds a touch of originality and modernity to any interior.

Ecological manufacturing Made in France at ABC Meubles

We attach the utmost importance to the environmentally friendly manufacture of our storage cube staircases. At ABC Meubles, we're proud to offer you products designed to respect the environment at every stage of their production, all Made in France.

This starts with our choice to favour the use of certified solid pine from responsibly managed Landes forests. A robust design that can withstand a weight of 120kg in motion.

What's more, to reduce our ecological footprint and offer you a healthy product, we've opted for a glueless "finger joint" assembly method, preserving indoor air quality and limiting emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Finally, our water-based, VOC-free varnish, available in 22 colours, provides an impeccable finish while protecting the health of our customers and the environment. You can request a two-tone finish by choosing a second colour for the drawer fronts.

This sustainable approach influences the quality, durability and aesthetics of our solid pine cubic staircases, while reflecting our commitment to protecting the planet and the well-being of our customers.

The ABC Meubles cube staircase, modular according to your wishes

At ABC Meubles, modularity is an important aspect of the storage cube staircase, offering unrivalled flexibility in interior design. This feature allows them to be adapted to a variety of space configurations, meeting a wide range of needs. Whether it's a small flat needing maximum space optimisation, or a large house looking for an aesthetic and practical solution to join two levels, the cube staircase offers made-to-measure solutions.

You can create a quarter turn with the first step, orientate the drawer fronts away from the riser (to the right or left), add drawers to pedestals that don't have any... the possibilities are endless!

See our range of storage cube staircases on our website:

block storage staircase

What's more, if you want a cube staircase over 200 cm high, you can order 3 x 50 cm cubes and 1 x 75 cm cube in addition to the 200 cm cube staircase, with or without a drawer, to add a step and reach a total height of 225 cm. However, if you want a 225 cm high staircase, it must be placed against a wall and the cubes must be fixed together.

Let your creativity flow with our cube staircase

  • Can't find what you're looking for in the dimensions and/or finishes we offer?
  • Design your own cube staircase from A to Z! Go to our individual cubes page and select each cube as you wish.
  • Do you like to work with your hands? Choose a rough finish and paint your staircase yourself according to your wishes.
  • If necessary, add cables or a handrail to ensure the safety of your little ones.

personalised block storage staircase