Solid wood desk : discover the designs of ABC Meubles

With the increase in teleworking, the home office space is becoming more and more important.

It is therefore essential to create a work space in which you feel comfortable and at ease. Home offices are often more aesthetic than ergonomic, so they can easily cause back pain and fatigue. So why not opt for a desk that is robust, stylish and ergonomic at the same time? At ABC Meubles, we are committed to offering you solid wood desks that will accompany you for many years and whose aesthetics will perfectly match your interior.

Desks that are stylish, practical and made to last 

ABC Furniture is a durable piece of furniture that you can use for many years. Our entire range of desks is made from solid wood, which means that they are robust and very strong. Our solid wood desks are made from pine wood that is harvested from a controlled forest in the Landes region. After this stage, the desk is made in our workshop in France. In this way, we design sustainable furniture ranges that make use of French know-how and guarantee you the highest quality. By producing sustainable solid wood desks, we are also effectively combating the disposable trend.

To make your workspace practical for everyday use, all the solid wood desks in our range have ample storage space. You can easily store all your office accessories, files and notebooks. Our collection of solid wood desks includes adult desks that you can use for teleworking as well as for administrative tasks. We have also made a smaller desk for small spaces or children's rooms.

In terms of design, we have opted for clean and simple lines that recall the softness of Scandinavian style. This way, the design of your solid wood desk will fit perfectly with the decor and layout of your home.

Fully customisable desks

To ensure that you feel comfortable in your workspace and that your solid wood desk matches your interior design, our entire range of desks can be customised. When you make your choice on the ABC Meubles online shop, you will have the possibility to choose among ten different finishes.

Natural varnish, honey, orange, red, grey, black, green, pink or blue: it is up to you to choose the colour and finish of your solid wood desk! For a clean and natural look, choose raw wood. If, however, you want to create a warm and cheerful workspace, choose colours like red or even green!