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In our article last month, we explored in detail the versatility and beauty of our cube staircases, highlighting how these unique pieces can transform any space. Following your enthusiastic feedback, we've decided to dig a little deeper into the subject today.

This time, we're going to focus on the modifiable aspect of our cube staircases and the ingenious and creative solutions our customers have come up with to add a handrail to their cube staircases.

Rustic stair railings with a rope

Cube staircase with rope handrail

Some of our customers opt to create a handrail using a simple rope laid along the staircase.

This approach adds a rustic, organic touch to the space while providing secure support when climbing up and down the steps.

The rope can have several attachment points, depending on your needs and desires.

Modern staircase banister with criss-cross ropes

Cube staircase with safety cables

One of our customers opted for a very modern solution, using climbing rope to create a "spider's web" along the rise of the cube staircase.

This option offers an original and contemporary look, while ensuring optimum safety.

Our customer wanted to share his good finds with you, with links to the various products he used to make his safety web:

- For the ropes, the customer used climbing rope in the following colour: https://amzn.to/3hFdSOA

- To secure the rope, the customer used nylon cleats: https://bit.ly/3ChuaGH

Standard wooden stair railing

Finally, we have our customers who have preferred a more traditional approach, choosing to install standard wooden handrails on their cube staircases. Whether against the wall or fixed to posts, this approach offers a classic aesthetic.

cube staircase with wooden handrail

See our range of staircases below:

cube staircase 100cm high
cube staircase 125cm high
cube staircase 150cm high
cube staircase 175cm high
cube staircase 200cm high
100cm high125cm high150cm high175cm high200cm high

The DIY spirit of our customers

What's really remarkable about these examples is the DIY spirit of our customers. They see each cube staircase as a blank canvas, an opportunity to add a personal touch to our products. Their ability to rethink and transform our products into something unique is truly inspiring.

The DIY spirit can also be found in other forms and on other furniture we offer. Here are a few customer projects:

customised wooden furniture

At ABC Meubles we pride ourselves on seeing our customers push the boundaries of creativity and ingenuity. We can't wait to see what other wonders our customers create in the future, and we're here to support them every step of the way on their DIY journey.

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