Opt for an evolving bet : the bed that grows with your child

Your child has just left his or her cot and you already realise that the new bed may soon be too small? Have you thought about a cot? A real long-term investment, the evolving bed is the ideal solution for keeping your child comfortable without you having to buy a new bed at each stage of development. Concerned about offering you furniture that you will keep for many years, ABC Meubles has designed evolving beds for children that you can modulate from year to year.

What are the advantages of an evolving bed for children?

Cradle, baby bed, toddler bed and then single bed: until the end of his growth, your child will use three to four beds of different sizes! Sleeping a child therefore represents a major investment over what is often a short period of time. Moreover, these successive purchases are not very environmentally friendly, as a new bed has to be produced for each stage of your child's growth.

A cot is therefore both an economical and ecological solution. The cot model we offer in our online shop can be used by children from the age of 2 and can be extended up to 200cm. Your children will be able to keep the same bed until they have finished growing. Imagine the savings you can make by investing in just a cot and an expandable bed! This type of bed goes against the trend of disposability, as it is a robust and durable piece of furniture that will accompany your children for many years.

The evolving bed is also fun and reassuring. Your child will not have to adapt to a new bed, he will keep his habits and will enjoy transforming his bed himself with each new centimetre gained!

How do you choose your evolving bed for children?

A cot is a bed that will accompany your child for many years. It must be strong enough to withstand the different stages of modulation. So choose a robust, comfortable and safe model. The model of cot that you will find on the ABC Meubles online shop has two safety rails to protect the little ones from falls. It is made from solid pine, a particularly resistant material that will withstand the various transformations without any problem.

A well-designed cot can also be equipped with storage drawers to optimise your children's living space. For example, you can store bed linen, soft toys or games.

To ensure that your children feel comfortable in their evolving bed, you can also choose a finish colour that matches the room's decoration. You should know that the finishes you choose on our site are made with water-based varnishes that do not emit volatile organic compounds. Your children will be able to sleep in complete peace of mind!

evolving bed for children