How to choose a solid wood baby bed

You are expecting the arrival of your baby, but you have not yet chosen his crib? Several parameters must be taken into account when making your selection: safety, comfort and practicality. The modular and adjustable aspect of a baby bed is also a criterion not to be neglected to benefit from a piece of furniture that you can keep for a longer period of time. 

So, how do you choose a baby bed that is practical, safe, but also aesthetic? Follow the guide!

Choose a robust and durable material

For optimal safety, it is recommended to opt for a sturdy material such as wood. Classic cribs are often made from wood and can be painted or kept solid. A solid wood crib is strong enough to be stored, moved and dismantled without losing its strength.

The solid wood cribs we offer at ABC Furniture also have an adjustable slatted base: this way, you can adapt the height of the bed to your child's growth. Depending on the model you choose, you will even be able to see your baby through a special opening at the head of the bed.

The wood that we have chosen to make our cribs is a high quality and ecological wood. Also, this type of crib will accompany baby's growth in a safe and healthy way.

Choose finishes that are respectful of baby's health

Many ranges of furniture - even for children - are coated with substances that can be harmful to our health. These substances are called VOCs for "volatile organic compounds": most often they are solvents that manufacturers use to paint or varnish furniture. These solvents are extremely volatile, so they spread very easily in the atmosphere and can have a direct impact on the environment and on our health. New furniture is particularly prone to VOC emissions: their installation in our living rooms pollutes the indoor atmosphere.

It is therefore essential to choose a baby bed that does not emit VOCs. To do so, choose ecological furniture made from solid wood harvested from sustainably managed forests and not treated with toxic products. At ABC Meubles, the solid wood that makes up our cribs comes from an eco-managed forest located in the Landes. It is a robust, durable and ecological wood.

The solid wood cribs we offer are varnished in white only, their color is thus in harmony with all styles of interior decoration. The varnish we use to achieve these finishes is a water-based varnish without solvent and without VOC emissions. Thus, your baby will enjoy a healthy bed in which he will spend nights totally serene.