Discover the new trend in interior design: modular storage cubes

Over time, we accumulate a large number of objects and accessories: drawers and cupboards become full and it becomes increasingly difficult to store them properly. However, there are storage solutions that will allow you to further optimise the organisation of the objects you need on a daily basis. At ABC Meubles, we offer storage cubes in several sizes that you can modulate according to your needs.

How to choose modular storage cubes ?

Modular storage cubes have become essential for organising all the accessories and objects we need on a daily basis. A variant of the classic shelves and cupboards, storage cubes are often larger and more functional. They allow you to organise your books, clothes, multimedia accessories or office equipment more easily.

Before making your choice, determine the amount and volume of storage you will need. If you want to use your storage cubes to store your books, you can opt for staircase cubes, for example, in which you can display your books, while taking advantage of storage volumes with drawers in which you can store office supplies, for example. You can also choose long storage cubes in which you can put cushions or linen.

How to arrange modular storage cubes ?

The advantage of storage cubes is that they are not only functional, but can also be arranged as you wish. With several 50cm x 50cm cubes you can create a functional shelf, for example. However, a long storage cube can be arranged to create a bench or extra bed on which you can simply place a mattress or suitable cushions.

Modular storage cubes are perfect for creating room dividers that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Our stair cubes are available in several heights, so you can adapt the dimensions of your storage units to the type of separation you wish to create. For example, to separate two beds in a child's room, choose a 125cm cube staircase.

What customisation to choose for modular storage cubes ?

In addition to being functional, modular storage cubes can be customised. It's up to you to choose your favourite finish to create an interior design that suits you: bright colours for the children's bedroom, natural colours for the living room or black and aluminium grey for an industrial-style interior. If you like Scandinavian design, opt for a raw, honey and natural varnish finish. If you opt for several storage cubes, you can even mix colours together!