Raw wood cube for designer storage

Storage cubes are increasingly used in our homes for their functional and design aspects. Often modular, these storage units are the ideal solution for optimising your storage space. The cube shape also adapts to all types of rooms and all styles of decor.

One of the most popular storage cubes is the raw wood cube. Raw wood gives an extra touch to the interior design thanks to its warm and design colours.

Focus on these design and ultra-functional storage units.

Why choose a raw wood cube for your storage?

The raw wood cubes are the perfect solution to optimise the storage of all your rooms. The cube shape is ideal for organising all the accessories you need on a daily basis. Each storage space can be adapted to your needs: you can display your most beautiful books on open shelves, but also store all your everyday items in cubes with drawers.

Raw wood storage cubes are multi-functional: they can be used both as storage units and as dividers that can be arranged as you wish. If you opt for a raw wood cube staircase, for example, you can choose the height of your model according to its use in your room. Create a cosy storage and library space or combine storage and partitioning furniture by placing your cube staircase in the centre of a large living room.

Thanks to a raw wood cube equipped with drawers, you can also create a bed or an extra bench! Simply add a mattress or cushions and store your clothes in the drawers.

How to choose your raw wood storage cubes?

Choose your raw wood storage cubes according to their function in your living space: partitioning unit, storage unit, bench, bookcase or bed.

Raw wood storage cube

If you want your raw wood cube to serve as a room divider, choose a staircase type cube and choose a height between 175cm and 200cm. If you want to create a resting area such as a bench and bed, choose two 100cm long cubes.

Also choose your raw wood cube according to its customisation possibilities. Raw wood can be customised as much as you like to match your interior design. For example, if you choose a storage cube for your children's room, you can choose bright colours such as yellow, blue, pink or red. However, if you choose a storage cube to create an extra bench, choose the finish of your furniture according to the colours of your cushions!