Choose a trundle bed with drawers to save space

The trundle bed appeared at the beginning of the 20th century at the same time as other models of modular beds such as the armchair bed, the vertical bed or the camp bed. This type of bed easily responds to new constraints: the lack of space and the need to optimise storage and sleeping arrangements.

The trundle bed can take different forms, it can simply include an additional bed, but also be equipped with storage drawers.

What is a trundle bed and for what types of spaces is it reserved ?

A trundle bed is initially a bed with two mattresses arranged one on top of the other. It is therefore a 2-in-1 piece of furniture, as all you have to do is slide the drawer out to create a second bed. Depending on the model you choose, you will be able to raise the second base to create a double bed.

The trundle bed can also have storage drawers in which you can place your bed linen or cushions, for example. Some models even have both drawers and an extra bed.

To make it easier to change from a single to a double bed, trundle beds are equipped with castors. So it only takes a few minutes to turn your bed into a 2-in-1 bed.

The trundle bed is particularly functional and useful for small spaces. It can be installed in a studio apartment, but also in the children's room so that they can welcome their friends. A trundle bed can also be installed in a guest room: it will act as a sofa bed and can be unfolded if necessary to accommodate your guests. The storage drawers give you easy access to sheets and duvet covers.

Why opt for a trundle bed with drawers ?

The trundle bed is a particularly functional 2-in-1 piece of furniture. Thanks to its drawer system, it saves a lot of space in small spaces. Many homes no longer have enough space for a double bed in each room: the trundle bed with drawers is therefore the ideal solution for maintaining sufficient circulation space while offering the possibility of creating a larger bed. The trundle beds with drawers are even more functional as they offer an additional storage volume that should not be neglected when you live in a studio for example.

trundle bed with drawers

At ABC Meubles, we offer solid pine trundle beds: they are particularly robust pieces of furniture that you can use every day without damaging their structure. Our trundle beds are also customisable, so you can choose your favourite colour from a wide range of finishes. The possibility of customising your trundle bed will allow you to adapt your choice according to the room in which you want to sleep. You will thus benefit from a functional, durable trundle bed that matches your decor!