Scandinavian baby's room: good decorating tips!

If you like to combine warmth and simplicity in your interior design, you will love the Scandinavian style! This design, directly inspired by the Nordic countries, is the perfect combination of authenticity, functionalism and simplicity.

The Scandinavian style relies mostly on natural colours and materials, creating a warm atmosphere for what the Danes call "hygge". This term refers to the feeling of well-being that the Danes feel when they return to the cocoon and intimacy of their homes.

Today, Scandinavian design is found throughout Europe, in every room of the house. You will therefore also find ranges of furniture and decoration specially dedicated to the baby's room.

Why opt for a Scandinavian baby room?

With the arrival of baby, you want to create a cosy and warm room? Why not opt for Scandinavian design? This design, which comes directly from the north, combines softness and functionality, making it the ideal style for creating the perfect baby's room.

The trick to creating a Scandinavian baby room? Opt for natural materials and colours! Raw wood is the material of choice for Scandinavian design. Pine, for example, will create a warm and uncluttered atmosphere in your baby's room. The Nordic countries also like to add touches of colour to their furniture and decoration. So don't hesitate to choose furniture that you can customise with the colour of your choice. This way, your baby's room will be the softest and most serene room in the house!

What furniture should you choose for a Scandinavian baby room?

The design of the furniture is very important in the Scandinavian style. Scandinavian furniture is characterised by clean, soft lines. It is also functional: it has ample storage space and is easy to fit into small spaces.

At ABC Furniture, we offer you the whole range of Scandinavian furniture for your baby's room. You can choose solid pine furniture in soft, light colours to create a cosy atmosphere. Our Viking range includes furniture that is easy to arrange and has plenty of storage space. For example, our Viking chest of drawers has 4 drawers in which you can store all your baby's clothes.

Scandinavian viking chest of drawers

The furniture in the Viking range is fully customisable. This way, you can create a room that matches your wishes in every way. For a Scandinavian baby room, opt for a combination of pastel blue, white, yellow and raw wood, for example: these are the ideal colours if you don't want to know the sex of the baby and prefer to choose a unisex decoration. In our finishing filter you will also find soft colours such as pastel pink, pastel blue or ivory.