An eco-friendly Christmas with ABC Meubles

As the festive season approaches, the idea of celebrating a more environmentally-friendly Christmas is gaining in importance. At ABC Meubles, our commitment to the environment has led us to share concrete ways of transforming our Christmas traditions into sustainable acts. In this article, we'll explore various ways of making this time of year as festive as it is planet-friendly.

Welcome to a Christmas where the magic is as much about sustainability as it is about tradition, an approach that we at ABC Meubles are proud to promote.

Sustainable gifts, Made in France

Are you looking for sustainable gift ideas that are Made in France? Then you've come to the right place!

Because ABC Meubles is all about eco-friendly, Made in France furniture, we're offering you a range of ideas that will give meaning to your Christmas:

plantation d'arbres, panneaux solaires et robot de peinture
plantation d'arbres, panneaux solaires et robot de peinture
plantation d'arbres, panneaux solaires et robot de peinture

Wooden screw stool

Robust and attractive, the screw stool is one of our star products.

Made from solid pine, it will add a touch of warmth and originality to your interior.

From €51

Trundle bed Malo

Practical, it will save you a considerable amount of space with its bed drawer.

The lower foldaway bed can be effortlessly raised to the same height as the upper bed.

From €402

Single slatted bed Kit France

This solid Landes pine base has 3 solid wooden crosspieces.

Its multi-ply slats (53mm wide and 8cm thick) ensure optimum comfort.

Dès 146€50

An alternative to traditional gift wrap

Do you have leftover tissue that you don't know what to do with? Would you like to opt for more eco-friendly packaging?

Think furoshiki!

What is furoshiki?

It's a traditional Japanese method of wrapping things in fabric.

The word "furoshiki" refers to the technique of using a square of fabric to wrap and transport objects of all shapes and sizes. This practice dates back to the Nara era in Japan (710-794) and was often associated with carrying clothes in public baths.

You can buy it ready-made or sew it yourself.

And why not start a new tradition?

As well as being environmentally friendly, furoshiki has the power to forge new links and start a meaningful tradition. Each piece of fabric can be reused again and again, creating a chain of giving and sharing between people.


Eco-responsible meals

Opting for an eco-responsible Christmas meal goes beyond mere culinary tradition to become a concrete act in favour of sustainability.

By opting for local, seasonal food to support your local farmers, you can minimise the associated carbon emissions. Opting for organic produce encourages environmentally-friendly farming practices, without harmful pesticides or chemical fertilisers.

Careful meal planning can minimise food waste, while creativity in the kitchen can bring delicious, planet-friendly dishes to life.

Psst, don't forget your local baker, who's sure to make a log to die for!


Natural Christmas trees and alternatives

Every year, almost 6 million Christmas trees are bought in France, 5 million of them natural and 1 million artificial (source: Kantar study, "Rapport sapin de Noël 2021", March 2022, for FranceAgriMer and Val'hor).

Natural trees, the traditional choice

If you want to opt for the good old-fashioned natural fir, look out for these certifications, which guarantee responsibly grown trees:

- FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement or Forest Certification), international organisations: plants from responsibly managed forests

- Plante bleue, french national certification: plants produced in an eco-responsible manner

- Fleur de France, french national certification: quality plants grown in France, to limit CO2 emissions due to transport

Creative Christmas trees, for original decoration

If you don't want to go for a natural tree, avoid plastic ones. There are plenty of alternatives:

Alternative Christmas trees

1) Christmas tree with books

Carefully stack books of different sizes to form the iconic silhouette of the tree. This idea combines a passion for reading with the festive spirit of Christmas.

ABC Meubles tip: it's even better if you have Christmas story books!

2) Pallet wood christmas tree

Made from recycled pallets, this tree brings a touch of durability and creativity to Christmas decorating. Dismantle the slats from your pallet and assemble them to form the iconic silhouette of the tree.

ABC Meubles tip: reuse the wood from the pallet on which you received your ABC Meubles order!

3) Christmas tree with photos

By carefully arranging meaningful photographs in the shape of a tree, this creation becomes a visual narrative of memories, special moments and loved ones. Each photo tells a unique story, adding an emotional dimension to the Christmas decoration.

ABC Meubles tip: Hang up photos of previous Christmases to see how your children have grown up!

4) Christmas tree with light garland

By creating the iconic silhouette of a Christmas tree directly on a wall, this innovative approach saves space while capturing the spirit of Christmas. An ideal alternative when space is at a premium!

ABC Meubles tip: Opt for LED garlands to minimise energy consumption and save the planet!

Choosing a greener Christmas is not just a trend, but a significant step towards helping to preserve our planet.

By adopting the practices we've just seen, we're making the choice to consume more thoughtfully, to favour local crafts and to cultivate a Christmas tradition that celebrates not only the magic of the festive season, but also respect for our environment. May we all have a Christmas filled with warmth, sharing and consideration for our beautiful planet.