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The mezzanine bed is the space-saving solution par excellence, this type of bed can be installed in a child's bedroom, but also in a student studio for example. The mezzanine bed is therefore not exclusively reserved for children!

The ABC Meubles team invites you to discover a range of mezzanine beds entirely dedicated to adults. All the models we offer are designed to fit easily into any space, even the smallest. The adult loft bed can be adapted to all your needs and offers you the possibility to spend peaceful nights in a comfortable and robust bed.

Why choose an adult loft bed?

The adult loft bed is a sleeping solution that frees up floor space. The high bed is accessible via a ladder or staircase, giving you additional space directly under the bed. The adult loft bed is adapted to the weight and size of an adult and is ideal for furnishing a small bedroom or studio. You can easily install a desk, shelves or a chest of drawers and a sitting area directly under the bed.

The adult loft beds we offer are made in France with solid wood. They are robust and environmentally friendly. The pine we have chosen to manufacture our furniture ranges comes from a controlled forest located in the Landes. When we apply varnish, we use a water-based varnish that does not emit any substances harmful to health into the atmosphere.

How to choose your adult loft?

Our range of mezzanine beds for adults includes a range of models whose height can be adapted to suit your needs and constraints.

To optimise your sleeping space even more, we give you the possibility to choose an adult loft bed with a staircase cube in which you can store all your belongings. You can also add a bedside table, a desk or a shelf to your loft bed. It's up to you to modulate your sleeping space according to your desires and needs!

At ABC Meubles, we also offer you the possibility to customize your adult loft bed. When you choose your model on our online shop, you can select your favourite finishing colour. You can of course keep the raw wood, but you can also choose blue, pink, grey, green, black or a combination of two colours. This gives you the opportunity to choose a bed that will match your decor and bring harmony to it! The varnishes used for these finishes do not emit any volatile organic compounds, so it is a non-toxic customisation solution for the environment and your health. You will benefit from a healthy, durable and ecological bedding that will accompany you for many years for peaceful nights.

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